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In my first 25 years, I've proven to myself and everyone else that I can run a team, manage a business, or lead a caravan. Those things are easy. But when it comes to me myself and I, I'm still mastering the decision making process. I scheme up Orwellian plots and Rockafelleresque plans, but I come to a Freudian impasse when it's time to decide which one should come second to faith. My posessions or my passion? The wife or the wealth?

I'm handcuffed to this merry-go-round of options, and the world has transformed into a dizzying blur of subtance and style. Glamour and glitz. Past, present, and future. But wait...suddenly the blurring colors are beginning to take form. The hinges beneath me are groaning. It's slowing down. Let's just hope when I find that key and uncuff myself from this merry-go-round that I can walk a straight line, and not throw up when I realize the ramifications of my choices.

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