Friday, November 16, 2018

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A word about Miranda:

I am a Stay at Home Mom of 4 from lakes country Minnesota. I spend any "me" time I might sneak in by blogging, reading, surfing the internet, reading other peoples blogs, writing, "lovin hubby" wasting time with social networking and doing school work (yes, I am a thirty something, stay at home Mom that went back to college; not because I am bored or for lack of things to do, but because God forbid something happen to my hard working Husband, I would love to be able to support my family and not work a minimum wage job, rely on assistance and lose my house). I am somewhat out of my mind. I swear when I blog, yell and raise my voice at times, I'm inpatient, and I will blog all about it. I blog about my kids, my book reviews, my love of books and reading, and my family. Sometimes I blog about the news, if that happens to be politics, I just might blog about it. I share lots of family pictures, and they're mine, so get over it and don't let me catch you stealing them! I do not do giveaways or coupons. I have yet to find a product I would do a review for, not saying I wouldn't but it better be an amazing product, or you're wasting my time. I'm not you're free commercial buddy. There you have it. Are you still interested in checking out my blog? Awesome, Thanks, You Rock! Miranda Sherman Moms Bookshelf & More @MirandaSman

Local hangouts:

Home and any place that involves running errands or kid related. As a stay at home Mom, I don't really have a lot "hang" outs.


I love all books. My favorite are non-fiction, but I will read anything. I love Shel Silverstein, Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich just to name a few.


As long as it is loud I love it! Rock, Country, some pop, jazz, classical, rap (mostly 90's rap), heavy metal, love my 80's music and hairbands!


Ok, call me girly, at least on this topic. I love comedies, romance, family, drama. My all time favorite movie is The Family Stone. Close behind it would be Mary Poppins, Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, American Beauty, Burn After Reading, Scarface, Twilight Series(because I Love Edward & would love for him to bite me)

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