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I am a 37 y/o mom of almost 7 kids and happily married. I work for a small school district as a "paraprofessional"...fancy name for underpaid TA. You have to have half the education of a teacher, but only get 1/5 the pay! I recently changed my political leaning to Republican in regards to the economy, the war, and a few other unimportant things even though I am fully left liberal when it comes to others' rights. I am not a leftist liberal when it comes to taking away wealth and "spreading it around". PUHLEEEEZE! What better way to put our country into a depresson than to tax our job base, right? Anyway, this country will reap its rewards when Nobama hurts our country worse than Bush ever could.

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I hang out at home with my family, in the grocery store, at Walmart, and the school where I work.


Love em. I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi the fact, for enjoyment, that's ALL I read.


If it has Rock in the name, I love it. I also play classical music, so I enjoy it. I also like new age music, jazz, and some pop. I hate rap, which is short for Crap.


Fantasy, sci-fi, and action with the Bourne trilogy.

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