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Talin a boy who just wants us to be nice.

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The Kings Cross Sting....NEEDS YOUR HELP!

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The Kings Cross Sting, TAKe CoNTRoL, both great series in books to enjoy.....just telling the truth How to unblock the Circadian within the mind. Opening up the subconscious mind to achieve more in life. We started with a Puzzle an unsolved murder to show to the Public how with the Automap techniques activiated within the mind you can achieve anything even open a cold case Murder of Juanita Nielsen since 1975 she was a Journalist that disappeared from the streets of Kings Cross. We picked a subject, to show that you can achieve anything you set your mind too. We are opening up the subconscious mind, within both series of the books. I know it will make a difference within many of your lives. How to heal, to astound your own mind is to set a goal and achieve it..... Automap techniques are the way... I have a passion for business and working, I look at life like it is. I am just reporting the facts, no hard miracles yet its the truth that doesn't seem to get out. An Awesome Entrepreneur others would call me, however I love challenges and trying to get things up and going where others haven't noticed. There is a secret, I love explaining about my techniques on manifesting, mindfulness, conversation Hypnosis these are all the tools they don't teach you in school. We learn at the hard knocks school of life. Don't ever give up, you will succeed when you see ahead that your dream and who you dream with are the same. Kings Cross like never before, eyes of a Wild Madame X undercover these series take you right to the middle of the Golden Mile Kings Cross. You will see KX Newspaper report on the largest "Kings Cross Sting" Series of books awaiting to take you on a journey where many fear to go and only one girl who knew too much has come back from. A crime that has remained unsolved, having seen first hand how unsolved murder still today people hide the truth by extorting and plotting to close a business to hide a murder? Juanita Nielsen a reporter Kings Cross Newspaper, well Starting KX Newspaper "The Kings Cross Sting" I was reporting about the area of Kings Cross and seeing some of the similarities to Juanita Nielsen that I could see was happening around myself. "The Kings Cross Sting" is a Private Investigation exposing the corruption, the setup's, and why the Police won't search the area of a brothel where Juanita Nielsen will be found? An Heiress that went missing in 1975, 38 years later we are asking a Judge to the day for a Police Search Warrant. which through this study of Kings Cross and interviewing many people today in Kings Cross I have put together a novel with an idea of where Juanita maybe? Do the authorities take action? Multi Award winning The Kings Cross Sting just drop by for a coffee break

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Act and Grow Rich, Chainbreaker Stop smoking,Perfect Partners The Kings Cross Series, TAKe CoNTRoL


James Blunt the favourite, yet I listen to any type of music preferring to listen to the words that mean something.


Secret, Showgirls, Just like heaven, Da Vinci Code,

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