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A word about Dan Maxwell:

"I'm a 21 year old college writing major who spends his free time "investing" his life savings on his band that sometimes does well and sometimes does not-so-well."

Seems so long ago that I wrote that. A mere 4 years ago. I'm 25 now, the band is more or less done (though I still write songs pretty frequently and play out pretty LESS frequently), I'm working a "real job", living with my wonderful girlfriend, Ali, and our dog, Otis... and have an itchy index finger again. Time to write as far as I can tell. About what? I have no idea. Who Cares? I just need to write. I need to put words to paper (or... um... i guesss, the screen?) and hopefully have people read and react to it. Let's see if I can kick up some dust again.

Local hangouts:

my apartment, my office, and maxwells (11th and washington in hoboken) - for the drinks AND for the music.


Check out my "book shelf" (though woefully incomplete) HERE.


Too many to name - you'll see some names pop up in my writing.

My best of list for 2011 is HERE.

You can also check out my own music HERE.


Robert Altman movies, anything with a sad dude hating himself, preferabley with a rock and roll band involved.

Oh, also rockumentaries" are a point of interest for me. a point of RABID interest.

My Netflix cue is like a stream of things that looked interesting in a fit of reading summaries but I now cant recall why I made it there in the first palce as well as documentaries about people who should not have had documentaries made about them.

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