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Bob is an odd writer cursed with an unusual blend of wild imagination, poor penmanship, and nagging call to humor. Armed with the gift of written gab, Bob has entertained the world wide planet with his witty theatrics, clever word play and strange sense of immaturity for years now. The son of Bob and Bobbie, Bob, if anything, was blessed at birth by his wildly creative first name, a precursor to the rather robust imagination he would uncork while in the throes of rusty recollection. Bob most recently has kicked off a series of 99¢ fictional short stories (cooked up from his own life with a hearty splash of that uncorked creativity) featuring loveable lout Winston Taylor, as benevolent a boor as you are likely to meet. In the first installment, "A Horseless Carousel", Win tells us about his brief addiction to strip clubs and the one dancer he encountered who set him straight. It is available on Kindle, Nook, and Sony readers, or as an e-book. Prior to this latest adventure in break-out publishing, Bob busied himself with writing two full length screenplays, a TV sitcom script, a collection of stories about growing up in the Sixties, over fifty e-zine articles, a Christmas story novella, and an assortment of blogs, Cranelegs Pond being the original and only one left standing.

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