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As a working "Papa" of two daughters, ages four and six, I hang out between places for sleep, the kitchen for cooking, the market, the laundry area, my computer and work during the graveyard shift.


While I haven't had too much time to commit to a long term relationship with a good book, my reading is mostly like stopping by a nice informal restaurant to satisfy a particular craving. Sometimes, I'm reading books on strategies for potty training in the 21 century. Other times, I'm delving into professional books to refine my skill in the work place. Then, there are books to help me be a better "Chef-Papa". Or, what occupies my mind before sleep is one for spiritual edification.


Music moves me in different ways, depending on the time of day and the desired mood to cultivate. Is it time for contemplative meditations? Then the sublime is in order. Will I be taking my kids to school, then I'm likely to start with classical and end with upbeat contemporary Christian. If I'm headed out to be with a mixed group for friends, then the latest by Red Hot Chile Peppers might be what's called for.


Nothing like a good drama to focus my attention away from a stressful day. A romantic comedy is great with the right person. War movies, or those where the theme involves the sea, and sci-fi action types are the best way to satisfy the adventurous beast (in us all). And then, there are the kid / family friendly and classic movies that allow me to visit once again those blissful mornings on Saturday, when all that mattered was the schemes of Bugs Bunny and friends or trying to remember, "Who's on first"? (I'm dating myself here, and so are you)! :D

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