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Barry Ward has been a journalist since 1956, mainly on sport and latterly on golf and associated travel. A native of Nottingham, he has lived in Bermuda, then London,where he was European Sports Editor for the Sydney Daily Telegraph group, and then Sydney, where he was Editor of Golf Australia and other publications. After 16 years in Sydney, he returned to London in 1979 and became editor of Holiday Golf and Executive Golfer magazines before joining Golf Monthly, for which he was Travel Editor. This entailed extensive international travel, reviewing golf resorts and golfing holiday destinations in more than 40 countries from Africa to the United States. He left Golf Monthly in 1999 to launch, his own on-line golf-travel magazine, which he now runs from Oakham, the county seat of Rutland, where he lives with his wife Christine. A member of Greetham Valley Golf Club, he still plays several times each week and writes for a variety of publications on golf and travel. He is the author of several books on the subject and has also written a novel, based on a true story, about the murder of a Sydney journalist friend. (See his other post).

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