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Hello Nice to Meet You, I'm RE Ausetkmt I'm a Blogger, Streaming Radio Broadcaster and Podcast Producer. I blog mostly about Politics and Civil Rights, with a little entertainment news and views thrown in for that something extra. I am also a former travel consultant; chef; teacher and various other things to various other people; all in good time. I work as a Vice President for an Independant Recording Company and also am the chief engineer for two sound studios; and an international soundsystem. I am the chief cook and bottlewasher for my husband of 25 years and hopefully the best mom and grandma possible to my granddaughter; and her dad. My Motto is Simple - just six letters and they have helped me through a lifetime of challenges "Why Lie". My Mom was a very smart woman who's words to me growing up have reflected my values as an adult - she always said "You should do things right, because you don't have time to do it over". she was also the original purveyor of Common Sense - her words there were "If Common Sense Was Common, everybody would have it". If you are interested in politics, womans rights, civil rights, childrens rights, and family rights; we're on the same beat and I'll look forward to crossing your path soon. I'd also like to Thank My Very Dear Friend Cher of - for the invitation to come and check out Broowaha. it seems like the perfect place for a Writeaholic Like Me. Cheers All !

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Detroit, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, London, Kingston, Ocho Rios;


The Fuzziness of Probability - Dr. S.F. Thomas


Reggae, Roots Rockers, Ska, R and B, Soul, Neo Soul, Classical, Blues, Funk, Disco


Emotional Backgammon (uk indy release) Rude Boy (jamaica)

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