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Advantages to Compare Motor Insurance Policies Online

by Editor (editor), , May 03, 2018

Just like shopping for any other commodity, comparing car insurance online has its own set of advantages. Some of them are:

It is necessary to get your car insured. Most people in India tend to adhere to the traditional practice of hanging “nimbu-mirchi” in front of their car believing that it would ward off the evil eye. But with road accidents becoming increasingly prevalent, thanks to the sudden twists and turns on highways and our ever-growing population, it is essential to have a car insurance to cover the costs incurred due to vehicle damage or injuries, to both passengers and pedestrians, resulting from an accident.

With the advent of the internet, it has become an increasingly common phenomenon to compare prices online before availing a particular service or buying a particular commodity. The same holds true for car owners too as they browse the internet for available motor insurance policy options.

Just like shopping for any other commodity, comparing car insurance online has its own set of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Saves time: As opposed to inquiring agents about the kind of car insurance that is best suited or the amount of coverage that would be deemed adequate, car owners can log in to insurance aggregators’ websites or portals that publish details about various policies on a single page. In addition, value-added services by insurance companies including the kind of coverage they must seek and the exact amount of premium that will have to be paid corresponding to the chosen extent of coverage. This not only allows people the ease of scourging through all necessary information at one place, but also saves time spent on going through manifold insurance company websites.
  • A hassle-free option: Apart from the speed at which one can access all information on the internet, the convenience of eyeing all information at one place is an added advantage. One can compare the quotes corresponding to each motor insurance policy issued by various insurance companies, information about comprehensive car insurance online plans and the insured declared value of the vehicle necessary for calculating the insurance premium.
  • Saving money on insurance payment: To begin with, insurance portals contain details of quotes forwarded by multiple providers. This means that the car owner has the liberty to choose between the various rates available on the same kind of coverage. Along with the quotes that help understand the costs corresponding to various policies, customers get to know about the additional benefits that they can avail by paying an extra sum of money.

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  • Discounts galore: One of the major advantages one gets while comparing motor insurance policies online is the huge discounts that some insurance companies offer to stay ahead of the race. Since online policies are cheaper than their offline counterparts owing to zero costs of infrastructure and associated distribution costs, one can compare prices online before considering paying for them. Also, there are some policies that are available online only, which means that the customer has more to choose from.
  • Reading between the lines: A detailed evaluation of the care insurance policies and their comparison also involves checking the fine print and exemptions more carefully, which people tend to miss out while purchasing insurance offline. This is because all details regarding exemptions and additional charges are available at one place – a great advantage of comparing and contrasting insurance policies online. No need to track multiple brochures and documents.

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