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Factors that Affect Productivity of Employees

by Editor (editor), , January 13, 2018

The management needs to put an emphasis on the factors that will be influential of their productivity.

To achieve peak performance in any organization, it’s essential to have a productive workforce. As the driver of growth, employees assume a critical role in the achievement of the goals of a business. That being said, the management needs to put an emphasis on the factors that will be influential of their productivity.

A Well-Designed Office

Even if you are a startup without the luxury of financial resources, employees need to have a conducive place where they can carry out their functions. This is where co-working spaces like Common Desk become relevant. They provide the facilities and ambiance of a well-designed office at a fraction of a cost. When employees work in such an environment, they will most probably become more productive.

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A Supportive Boss

According to Christopher Stanton, in his paper called The Value of Bosses, individual performance of employees varies depending on the boss they are working with. This means that the performance of the subordinates can be affected by their superior. The boss must know how to work with his or her people, providing them with the motivation that is needed. A boss must appreciate the efforts of the employees and should learn how to delegate tasks properly. A well-loved boss will definitely make people more productive.

A Healthy Workplace

In one article from The Guardian, it has been noted that a healthy workplace will produce employees who are smarter. In turn, this will make them more productive in their jobs. With this, the management must create a work environment that puts an emphasis on the health of the employees. For instance, the office building should have a design that improves physical and mental health. This will help reduce absenteeism as well. More so, measures should be undertaken to minimize fatigue amongst employees.

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An Attractive Compensation

There are many things that will motivate employees to do better in their jobs, and one example of this would be financial rewards. They should be well-compensated and should be given bonuses when they perform beyond what is expected of them. The rewards do not necessarily have to be massive. It should just be enough to make employees feel that their contributions are well-appreciated.

A Technologically-advanced Work Environment

A business that ignores technology will most probably end up suffering from productivity losses. It’s important that companies invest in the right technological tools to improve their processes. It will help employees to complete their tasks more efficiently. The employees should also be given proper education on how to use these tools to achieve the anticipated outcomes.

Indeed, a productive employee is one of the most important elements of a successful organization. Businesses must dedicate their resources to making sure that their workforce will be productive, which will allow the workers to perform at their best for the benefit of the organization they are part of.

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