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The Marketing Potential Of Business SMS

by Editor (editor), , December 23, 2017

It can also prove to be an effective tool for communicating with people within a team or company.

Communication is the tool for getting in touch with the target customer base of any business. While there are different media channels to do so, one of the fastest and cost effective way to get started is by using business text messaging tool. This helps to create a sales funnel effortlessly and within a short time span. It can also prove to be an effective tool for communicating with people within a team or company.

How it works?

Business text messaging services allow a customer to send across text messages in bulk within a time span of less than thirty seconds. Text messages can be powerful and effective ways to get the word around – whether you wish to keep your customers updated about your product or service, latest features or offers lined up or use it as an effective internal communication tool within a team, department or company.

In order to use such a service effectively, one needs to find a commercial text messaging service. When one creates a customer account, they are asked to first set up a list of potential subscribers; one can create multiple lists such as crew members, vendors, customers and so forth. As text messaging options are more than 99% more likely to be received by any other messaging format such as through Wi-Fi or data connectivity, text messaging remains a fast and effective way to reach out to people and send across important messages in bulk.

Commercial or business SMS services understand the need of the use of effective words, the length of text messages that hold the attention span and the importance of embedding links to company websites. Hence, all such features are added as helpful guides to help customers be able to create effective or impactful text messages.


There are several benefits of subscribing to a commercial text messaging service. It becomes easy to import a list of customer contact numbers and other lists which you need to use to send across bulk messages. You can use a single account to send across marketing messages to customers or important notifications to team members, vendors, employees and so forth. Hence, multiple groups can be managed with a single account. Messages can be created and saved for schedule broadcasts at the appointed date and time.

Among the different marketing media channels that a company uses, text messaging tool can be an effective, cheap and fast way to get started. It can help create a sales funnel as well as can be used as a powerful communication tool. If you need any more help with the marketing of your company, get in touch with Circle Research.

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