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3 Clever Ways to Deep Clean Your Tiny Apartment

by Editor (editor), , December 15, 2017

Smaller apartments are a great solution for millennial students on a budget.

In certain cities around the world like New York and London, a 200-square-foot, four-room apartment is what is considered average. However, in smaller cities all over the world, students have to satisfy themselves with something much more modest…

You even have the “micro-housing movement” in Seattle, which recently managed to clear 780 more micro-housing units for occupancy in the city. This trend actually fits with American trends of more renters, renting for longer. Smaller apartments are a great solution for millennial students on a budget.

Keeping a Small Place Tidy

Now, when you’re actually living in a small space, things can get dirty in a really short period of time. In some cases, people have to clean their apartments on a daily basis. The matter of the fact is, small spaces easily collect dust and unwanted clutter.

Admittedly, some people don’t have enough time to clean their apartment every week, let alone every few days. If you’re in this situation, the smartest solution would be to hire a cleaning service like Helpling Singapore to give you a helping hand every now and then.

Three Ways to Clean a Tiny Apartment

If hiring a cleaning service is not an option, then you’ll have to do the dirty work all by yourself. But don’t worry, there are certain things you can do to make the job a lot easier on yourself, for instance…

  • Start with the bathroom

Remove everything from your tub/shower and sink. After you’ve taken out the clutter, spray your tub, toilet bowl and sink down with a cleaning solution and leave it to stay. If you have any dirty clothes laying around, throw them in the hamper and continue…

  • Make your way to the living room

When you’re living in a small apartment, your living room probably doubles as your bedroom, so start by making your bed. If you have some clothes that aren’t quite dirty, you should pick them up and drape them on a chair. If there are any empty glasses or kitchen utensils around, grab them…

  • Finish things off in the kitchen

If there’s one thing you should do here, it should definitely be the dishes. A kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes simply screams “filthy.” Lastly, you should take an all-purpose cleaning spray, clean the countertops and head back to your starting point – the bathroom – to scrub everything off.

Final Thoughts

The smartest thing to do is pick a day each month to clean your entire apartment, top to bottom. You can even cleverly title it “deep-cleaning-day” on your calendar. This will be the day you’ll scrub all of those little, hidden places – areas under the furniture, below the sink, so on and so forth.

It would also nice to use this day to change your razor-blades, your toothbrush and even toss out old soaps you have in your bathroom. But don’t forget to tidy up the place at least once a week. You don’t want to lose a whole day every month trying to pick a ton of garbage lying around, do you?

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