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Separating Business and Family Life: How SME Owners Can Deal with Personal Disputes

by Editor (editor), , December 13, 2017

Here we discuss how SME owners can deal with personal disputes.

An unfortunate part of life is having to deal with personal disputes, the classic example being a divorce or separation. Add to this the pressure and responsibility that comes along with running an SME and the result can be a real recipe for disaster. You may find that the stress being experienced as part of the personal dispute is spilling over into your personal life or that your dispute is affecting the running of the business. Either way, you need to act quickly and find a way to deal with the situation. Here we discuss how SME owners can deal with personal disputes.

Separating Business and Family Life

Even if the personal dispute is with someone you work with, in the case of a family run business for example, it is important that you are able to agree that business and personal matters are separated. This will help maintain some much needed structure to your life and help you move forward in a manner that is civil and proactive.

Help and Advice

When looking to resolve a personal dispute, such as a separation, some kind of professional mediation can be extremely helpful. Looking to experienced professionals will provide you with a framework from which you can discuss the possibilities and actions that could lead to an outcome that suits all concerned.

Another advantage of taking this route is that mediation, collaboration or arbitration provided by experts can prevent the need for pursuing a resolution through the courts. Most people look to avoid going to court as it is stressful, expensive and time consuming.

Look to take this help and advice away from the office and if possible, out of office hours. This way you can focus solely on the issues concerning resolution and not have business matters playing in the back of your mind.

Strictly Business

As separation and other family disputes are delicate and personal in nature, they are hard to put to one side and can feel all consuming. Business, however, should remain strictly business and so discussing personal disputes with those around you at work or over the phone while at work should be avoided.

If need be, it is more advisable to take a little time away from the office as opposed to letting the two worlds collide – the integrity and goals of the business must come first during office hours.

Always bear in mind that the personal dispute, with help from legal professionals, will not go on forever and that no matter what the outcome having a buoyant business will help you look to what the future may bring.

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