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CV Writing Tips to Get your First Job

by Editor (editor), , December 12, 2017

Stories of people who attained top grades getting fired after a few days on the job are thus not far-fetched.

Upon completion of higher education, the next thing is to look for a job. And as is always the case, most graduates hope that their dreams for landing top employment opportunities will finally materialize because after all, school is meant to prepare one for such eventualities. But this isn’t a mean feat. Job hunting comes with its own challenges including how to write a CV like a Pro.

You may have attained first class in your degree course, but when it comes to landing a job, it’s not a guarantee for getting hired. After all, the first class could just be bookish and nothing to do with experience. Stories of people who attained top grades getting fired after a few days on the job are thus not far-fetched.

The Dilemma of Experience in CV

For tens of decades, a resume has remained an integral part of job seeking. You cannot, for instance, expect to enlist for an interview if this important document doesn’t accompany a cover letter. You would rather have a one-passage job application letter and a very detailed CV. However, here is the dilemma. You have just graduated from college or University, how do you go about stating experience?

Well, incidences of fresh graduates landing management position jobs the very first time they pen down applications aren’t hearsay and you can as well be among the lucky lot. You have to, therefore, look beyond inexperience and standout. You must know how to ace a CV even with little or no work experience. A good paper writing service can help you with this, to say the least. But at a personal level, there are lots of practical tips one can make the most out of and craft an incredible no-job-experience resume. This post delves into this deeper, so do not hesitate to read on for more.

  • Show how life skills apply to job advertised

Most first-time job seekers tend to veer off the necessary when it comes to applying for a position because they think skills don’t matter. There is a range of skills one can bring on board according to The Balance. That volunteer activity you took part in back then and even sporting skills you harbor can save the day. You only have to show how such skills relate to a job advertised.

  • Look through job descriptions carefully

This is certainly where many fail because to them, the experience is supposed to be hands-on based on what one has done in the job market. Well, when you scan details of a vacancy, it helps you identify specific skills needed such as time management and effective communication. This helps one tailor his or her CV around requirements of a job.

  • Format your resume professionally

Employers are usually aggravated by CVs that are disorganized and you can be sure such end up in the bin. There are writing templates to help with this. Everything from educational qualifications to job experience should be clearly stated, to say the least. In case you are not sure in your profreading ask custom paper writer for help.

  • Include internship experience

First-time job applications tend to overlook internship most of the times when writing job application letters and resumes. Whether paid for or not, internship makes all the difference. This post on the Guardian sheds more light on this and how to land such opportunities. There are skills one can obtain from internship which are very relevant to vacancies but only if expressively stated.

In conclusion, landing job opportunities go beyond academic qualifications. And even if that was the case, one has got to apply skills obtained at school when writing a CV because it is what informs employees about your potential. Tips that this post has looked into will very well get you on the right side of things.

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