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How To Behave When Accused Of A Crime

by Editor (editor), , December 07, 2017

If this has happened to you recently and you’re not sure where to turn, this is how you should behave:


Being accused of anything illegal is not a pleasant experience, especially when we believe it’s an incorrect assertion. You’re liable to become defensive, maybe even aggressive at the accusation, especially when this could result in some form of financial or penal cost. While you might believe yourself immune to this circumstance, this can befall almost everyone. From driving disputes to vindictive accusations to smear campaigns, even the most innocent of us can experience a world of stress as we defend our actions, behaviour, and dare we say it - honor.

However, once a serious charge has been levelled against you, even if you believe this to be factually incorrect, you have the responsibility to stay calm. Any aggressive defense or unwillingness to treat the claim seriously could be seen as an admission of guilt at the worst, and unprofessional at the very least. For example, if a dispute with a nightclub bouncer leads to a knock on your door from the police in the morning, becoming aggressive and shutting the officers out will only lead to further action and suspicious levelled against you.

If this has happened to you recently and you’re not sure where to turn, this is how you should behave:

Stay Calm

You must stay calm. Try and temper your anger, or place it in other areas. Try and go for a walk to clear your head, or express your worries to someone close to you. Whatever you do, do not bottle up your emotions, as that can lead to volatile behaviour. Just make sure you aren’t willing to incriminate yourself further in any way, as further charges will only add to your headache, and can turn an innocent person into one possessing semi-guilt.

Gather Evidence

Make sure you are able to refute these claims from a pure evidence-based standpoint. If this means proving your location on a select night, then find ways to prove that, be that through witnesses or camera footage from the establishment you attended. Try and retrace your steps, and find any form of proof which can link you to the truth in your defense. This proactive approach gives you something to focus on, and can help strengthen your defense or cast out the original accusation entirely.

Lawyer Up

Lawyers are important for any legal defense, but in this case a lawyer familiar with criminal defense is your best bet. They will offer sound advice during the entire process, and this will help you manage your emotions. A tried and tested lawyer firm such as Romano Law, P.C will also be able to sniff out any inconsistencies in the story of the plaintiffs, as they are trained to do so. Always consult with the professionals, because despite your calm behaviour and logical ability, the emotional impact of an ordeal such as this can cloud your critical thinking and awareness skills, which could weaken your defense. Even if you are found guilty of the select crime, a defense lawyer may be able to negotiate your judgement with the intention of lessening its impact. You’ll surely feel better with them at your side.

With this help, you should find the process more tenable. With the right attitude, justice is much more likely to be served, no matter which side that falls on.

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