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Are You Keeping An Eye On Your Business's Reputation?

by Editor (editor), , December 06, 2017

Here are some simple things that you can do to help build up your company’s reputation and ensure that the public is always on your side.

One of the most important things in business that far too many people forget is that the way that your customers see you can have an incredibly significant impact on your success. The reality is that no matter how great your business and your product may be, you're always at the mercy of the court of public opinion. Plenty of businesses with incredible potential have ended up failing because they simply couldn't get the public on their side. Human beings are emotional animals; we want to connect with things. It doesn't matter if a company have a product that we really want if there's something about their practices or existence that we fundamentally disagree with on an emotional level, it's pretty likely that we're going to go elsewhere for whatever we need. Because of that, you simply can't ignore the reputation of your business. If you're not paying close enough attention to the way that people see your business, you're putting the entire thing in pretty serious danger. With that in mind, here are some simple things that you can do to help build up your company’s reputation and ensure that the public is always on your side.


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Diversity is one of those things that has been tragically overlooked by far too many businesses over the years. It's something that is not only important for the growth and success of your business, but for the growth and success of society as a whole. The reality is that the world we live in is far more diverse than ever before and it's crucial that you are able to represent that in every corner of your business. This means that you need to have equality and diversity procedures in place when it comes to recruitment and employee treatment, as well as ensuring that every section of society is properly represented in things like your marketing. Sure, you may have a core demographic that you're after, but even with that demographic, you're likely to be connecting with an incredibly diverse range of people. Make sure that you reflect that in the way your business presents itself, not only to reach more customers but to show that your business understands the importance of moving with the changing times.

Going green

Your business simply cannot ignore its environmental impact. There may have been a time when that was something that you could get away with putting on the back burner but no longer. The truth is that if you really want a business to be a success, you're going to have to go green. Whether that's through encouraging your employees to save energy as much as possible, building a parking structure for cars run by solar energy, or trying to recycle as much of the waste produced by your business as possible, the key is to make sure that your business is putting a serious amount of focus and energy into minimising the impact that you're having on the environment. Again, this isn't just something that looks good to customers and investors; it's something that will have a genuinely positive impact on the world around you.

Employee treatment

It is disgusting how many businesses were able to get away with treating their employees terribly in the past. For years employees have been treated more like expendable resources than anything else. This meant that they weren't getting paid fair wages, they were forced to work long and unreasonable hours, and they were given little to no credit for the hard work that they did every single day. That might sound like things that were happening a long time ago, but the truth is that this kind of employee treatment was commonplace well into the recent past. In fact, there are still companies that treat their employees this way. The key to both improve your businesses standing within society as well as making it attractive for prospective employees is to make sure that you're always treating them as fairly as possible. You simply can't get away with poor treatment of your employees and nor should you. This means that you need to be paying them a wage that provides them enough to live off as well as offering extra pay for those working overtime. Not only that but you should make sure that you're willing to be flexible with your employees in terms of working hours. People have different lives that might require different circumstances. By being willing to adjust things for the sake of your employees, you are able to show them that you really do care about them. Similarly, it's a good idea to make sure that hard work is always recognised so that your employees are going to be able to stay motivated to keep working as hard as possible at all times.

Customer service

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In the same way that you can't get away with mistreating your employees, if you're not showing respect and consideration to your customers then your business is pretty much doomed. Here's the reality: people talk. In exactly the same way that people are often willing to share businesses that they love with one another, they are perfectly happy to tell people in their life just how unhappy they were if a business doesn't provide them with the kind of service that they were expecting. High-quality customer service is one of those things that can be incredibly challenging since a lot of the time your employees will find themselves dealing with customers who aren't really willing to listen to reason as well as those who are incredibly angry and just want someone to let their frustrations out on. However, if you can build up a reputation as a company that listens to their customers and takes their feedback into consideration, you're going to find that people will respond to your business as a whole much more positively.

Brand ethics

It might be tempting to try and keep out of any kind of political or social divide when it comes to your business, but the truth is that, in today's society, you simply can't get away with standing for nothing. If you want your business to matter, you've got to stand up for the things that you believe. By having a public code of ethics that your business adheres to, you're able to connect with customers who share your values. Those customers will become far more loyal and committed if they have something that they can share with your business. Sure, you may lose some customers along the way, but if those customers have no regard for the ethics and values of your business, then they probably weren't the kinds of customers that you wanted in the first place and you’ll probably do just fine without them.

It might feel as though this is a lot of effort to go to just to help improve the image of your company, but in today's hyper-visual and fast-moving society, your company's image can be the thing that makes or breaks it. Customers don't really have the time or the patience to think too much about the kinds of companies that they want to engage with, which means that they're pretty likely just to focus in on a few specific ways in which they can connect with any given business. If you're not able to give potential customers positive things to latch onto and associate with your business, then you run the risk of them skipping over it altogether and moving on to something different. Don't forget that your business needs to look good inside and out, meaning your office will need to be up to business standards as well. Finding a practical office location which is beneficial for both employees and clients can be done very easily through the use of Loc8 Commercial.

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