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Make Managing Your Business Easier Through Consolidation

by Editor (editor), , December 15, 2017

Here are a few ways to better manage your business through consolidation.

Today's digital consumers now own, on average, more than three connected devices. As a young business owner, you may own several more for various purposes. Of course, while these devices can help you stay organized and connected at all times, at a certain point they can also bog you down. Before you add yet another device to your growing arsenal, consider looking at your current day-to-day processes to determine if they can be better simplified. Here are a few ways to better manage your business through consolidation.

Combine Your Smartphone and Notes

As a young entrepreneur, you likely keep a notepad nearby when inspiration strikes. But does carrying around a notepad of ideas truly lend itself to efficiency? These days, smartphones offer a wealth of note-taking capabilities, including via traditional typing, voice dictation or a stylus.

In fact, if you invest in an LG phone from T-Mobile, you can jot down important thoughts while on the go without losing 4G LTE connectivity. Smartphones like the LG Stylo come with a stylus, allowing you to directly input your ideas into the notepad.

Ditching your old-school notepad in favor of a smartphone that includes cloud-based features will also make it easier to access your notes at any time and from virtually anywhere. Indeed, say goodbye to lost or damaged notes due to spilled coffee or water.

Identify the Software You Actually Need

Many business owners purchase a slew of software to help their operation succeed. While these tools are great for invoicing, bookkeeping, scheduling and more, you can often get by with just a few, as many programs have overlapping features. For example, the software you use to keep track of monthly sales numbers likely also functions as an invoicing tool.

To see what you can eliminate, identify all the software tools your company owns and utilizes. After developing this list, study the features of each program to determine which software stays and which you can do without. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to eliminate redundant software, saving you valuable time and money.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Today, the cloud makes it easy to access important documents and files anytime and from anywhere. That’s great news for your business, and it may allow you to invest in fewer devices to access this collateral. Of course, it wasn't always like this.

In the past, you likely had systems in place to ensure you could access these important work-related documents and files whether you were in the office or working from home. In fact, you conceivably had to take the arduous and inefficient task of — at least by today's standards — emailing yourself these files and documents. And that typically led to the obvious: forgetting to email yourself the most updated file to access later.

However, the cloud eliminates this level of inefficiency. Through this technology, you're able to access and make modifications to documents and files from one easy-to-access location. Today, you no longer have to worry about which of the multiple attachments sitting in your inbox is the latest and greatest, as you and fellow colleagues will be able to access the most up-to-date versions in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. Consider options like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for your cloud solutions.

By following these consolidation tips, you’ll be able to help your business blossom into a thriving enterprise. Keep in mind growing too quickly isn't always to your benefit. But by keeping your operations efficient and organized as you grow, you’ll be able to better manage your vision with ease.

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