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Leading A Truly Balanced Life

by Editor (editor), , November 07, 2017

What about leading a balanced life also meant making sure you were always taking care of your health - body and mind? Let’s start with creativity.

When you hear of leading a balanced life most people think of working hard and playing hard or, at least, working hard and then having lots of time for family and social interactions. But what if having a balanced life meant more than just interacting socially. What if it meant actually listening to your inner calling and doing things in your spare time that called to your passions? What about investing time in your hobbies (no matter how odd, peculiar or strange they may be) just because they speak to your creative soul. What about leading a balanced life also meant making sure you were always taking care of your health - body and mind? Let’s start with creativity.

What Creativity Does For You?

Well, when you are a child, you are eternally creative. Your imagination runs free. You paint magic castles with pinks and greens and sparkle them with glitter. You play music on instruments and don’t care what it sounds like. You get messy with slime and playdough creating everything residing in your imagination. Lego blocks become spaceships and building blocks become beautiful hotels by the ocean. You see, no matter how much of a rigid school you went to after preschool, that quality is never really lost. That’s why when you drink alcohol and lose all inhibitions you become silly like a child again. It always lies dormant ready, begging to erupt. There are so many things you can do to explore creativity from woodwork to pottery, art to sewing, writing to photography. Do whatever calls to your soul.

Keeping Your Body And Mind Strong

To keep centered, you need a mind that can focus during the day as well as a body that is healthy and always there for you. The better you eat, the better both your mind and body will feel. The old saying ‘ You are what you eat’ always applies. Also, you should super-charge yourself with vitamins and supplements. They only add to your life, giving you a form of ‘superpowers’ to cope better with everything from stress to focus to building your immune system. Research Verified reviews will tell you more!

Keeping your body strong firstly means doing at least 30 minutes of physical exercise everyday. Our bodies were designed to move - and that means more than getting up every 30 minutes at work to get another cup of coffee! We are made to walk long distances. Our bodies can handle more than we can imagine. All we have to do is try. I was lucky enough to have a personal trainer for 5 years. Ognjen (my trainer) challenged me. Everyday for 2 hours he taught my body to move in new ways. Eventually he told me to buy boxing gloves and he taught me how to fight. Those were the best workouts, I loved them. I looked forward to hitting the gym every day. Choose whatever works for you and watch your life expand in many positive ways.

Having Friends Counts

Having friends outside of work really helps. It’s great just to have someone to talk to or even just to go to a bar with or enjoy dinner with. The more friends you have the happier and more animated your life will become. You also learn about yourself through interactions with others. Your attitude often mirrors other people’s attitude back towards you and they can show you a lot. How do you know what kindness feels like unless you actually do something kind for someone? Enjoy your friendships and treat your good friends like gold. They are not always easy to find.

Always remember to enjoy life. Do work that you love and are passionate about. Get creative in your spare time. Take care of your body and mind and life will take care of you!

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