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How You And Your Child Can Prepare For Day Nursery

by Editor (editor), , October 17, 2017

Here’s how you and your child can prepare for day nursery:

First day at preschool can be a frightening experience for both children and parents. However, the nervousness can be reduced by following a few simple tips.

Firstly, one has to remember that this phase is not only difficult for children, but for parents as well. Children are nervous about having to live without their loved ones. They are used to a specific lifestyle and are not always ready for this change.

On the other hand, parents are protective of their children and are worried about how they’d fit into their new environment. This can put pressure on all the parties involved and as a result your child’s first day at school may get troublesome.

Hence, you need to work on this and get ready for the big day. If you are nervous, how can you expect your child to be all happy?

Here’s how you and your child can prepare for day nursery:

Short Separation Breaks

The most troublesome is the idea of having to live without your loved ones. Kids are used to living in their room and seeing familiar faces, they do not always get excited when it comes to having to move around strangers.

Similarly, you’re used to loving your baby and cuddling, and having to spend hours without him or her can be troublesome. Hence, you need to prepare for it and a good step is to start by taking short breaks.

To reduce the fear of separation, parents need to separate from their kids for short intervals. They could leave their children at their grandparents’ while going to shopping or at work.

This will help children understand that their parents cannot be with them everywhere and when it’s the first day of preschool, your child most likely won’t cling to you and cry rivers.

Also, when you take short breaks you and your child will get used to spending some time without each other and hence the big break will not be much of an issue eventually.

Introduce Your Child to The Concept of Day Nursery and Do Some Research

One major reason why there is so much confusion or worry about day nursery is due to uncertainty. Your child will be worried if he or she is not aware of how a day nursery works.

For this purpose, you must walk your child through the concept and introduce how things work there. The aim is to get him or her excited for daycare. This can be done by telling your child about the benefits of going to daycare so that he or she has no problem when it comes to going to daycare.

On the other hand, you can prepare yourself by doing some research and finding peace of mind. Of course, you will be worried if you send your child to a new place, but if you do research and have faith in the place, then the worry would be automatically reduced.

Start out by visiting the daycare personally and finding out about the staff and their behavior. You can also check reviews online and speak to other parents to know more. Only send your child to a daycare you are confident about so that there are no worries over your head.


Sending your kids to nursery is beneficial from all perspectives. However, the most important thing is to select the right institute for this purpose.

There are thousands of day nurseries in the US, however not all of them are able to satisfy parents. You must make sure to do a good amount of research before you finalize one.

We recommend you to have a look at as it is a great choice with a friendly staff and years of experience in this field.

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