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What Are the Uses of a Brochure and Are They Expensive?

by Editor (editor), , September 25, 2017

Here are a few uses of brochures that help businesses promote and sell.

With the growth of the internet, it would be a mistake to think that everything has gone online. In fact, companies are still getting great results with using colour brochures to provide information, a list of their products or services, and to develop a better relationship with their customers.

Here are a few uses of brochures that help businesses promote and sell.

Programmes for Sale at Operas and Theatre

For owners of theatre venues and opera houses, brochures are an excellent way to feature details about the lead, the other performers, and the history behind the production. Print brochures can feature the biographies of the opera performers or actors on stage, the director of the presentation, background to the story and other interesting information.

For attendees, buying a brochure is a great way to get the inside scoop into the performance before it starts, learn more about who is involved and feel better informed. It also makes for a nice souvenir of the night, which they likely have waited weeks or months to attend. For the people behind the performance, brochures provide a vital source of additional revenue because cheap brochure printing is possible now which maximises profit margins.

Product Brochure for Sales Agents

For travelling salespeople and regional sales staff who regularly go out on the road to meet prospective and existing customers to discuss new orders, the product brochure is an essential sales tool. For example, when working for a clothing company, it’s usually impossible to carry product samples for every product in the range in their car boot. While accessing the sales list online is helpful, a colour brochure helps to bring the richness of the colours and intricate designs to life. Colours never fully translate from a computer screen where how they’re shown doesn’t accurately match the actual colour palate.

Being able to pass around several brochures during a meeting with senior executives is helpful to get everyone involved in looking over the details. There’s no need to huddle over a single computer screen or try to understand what customisations or sizes are available because this can all be covered on the page.

Promotional Brochures for Trade Shows

A brochure for a trade show is often different than a full product brochure or a basic promotional one. A balance needs to be struck where enough information is provided about the goods or services that the booth and company offers, while not covering either too little or too much. For this reason, a separate brochure just for trade shows (or one in particular) is going to be more successful in converting curious people who walk into your trade booth area to new customers.

With the advancement in colour laser printing, brochures are more affordable than ever before. Print runs don’t need to be excessive to bring the average cost of each copy down to an acceptable price either. One service many businesses have started to rely on is the cheap brochure printing provided by print24. They deliver large quantity orders which are ideal for those planning to attend trade shows and their prices are extremely competitive, which makes them the top choice for many companies who are looking for brochure printing.

The brochures themselves are fully customisable from the imagery on the front and back of the cover, its size, whether it folds open or has a spiral binding, and the number of glossy pages to include.

Club or Association Magazine

A football club, cricket club, tennis club or hobby-related association would all benefit from offering professional print brochures or a magazine featuring their top or most active players. The recent successes and best results can be recapped to give people interested in their results a warm feeling when reminded of their best days and hopefully of many good days to come.

Modern magazine printing offers many choices for front and back covers, the type of binding, and the quality of the paper stock used. Depending on the budget of the club or association, more (or less) costly materials can be used to keep the print run at an acceptable cost. For long established associations with a reputation to uphold, they may wish to choose a heavier paper stock and a thicker cover to convey quality and sell the magazine at a high price. Where the image matters a little bit less, refinements are possible to reduce the initial outlay. The number of magazines to print is also adjustable, so you can print better quality magazines in a smaller initial print run too.

Wedding Gifts

For the bride and groom who dislike using an on-line wedding gift registry, a printed brochure featuring the gifts that they’d like is a great idea. Using brochure printing to provide a wedding gift registry is also a good choice when the guests are known to not be technologically savvy enough to use an online system. These types of attendees would prefer to call in their choices, check that the gift hasn’t been selected by someone else first, and then make the purchase.

The company immediately looks more professional whether they’re an organisation of one or a team of 3,000 people. When a business has an effective brochure ready to hand out, it makes acquiring new customers so much easier too.

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