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How Cloud ERP Can Benefit Multi-Regional Companies

by Editor (editor), , October 01, 2017

Here’s how cloud ERP can benefit multi-regional companies.

Internal infrastructure is critically important to the success of large companies. An organization with excellent organizational software is likely going to be much more productive than one that uses outdated programs. This is where cloud ERP software comes into play. Cloud ERP systems are completely changing how companies are able to conduct business by unleashing previously unseen potential. Here’s how cloud ERP can benefit multi-regional companies.

What Is Cloud ERP Software?

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a system that helps businesses organize data and integrate departments onto one convenient platform. What makes cloud ERP systems unique is that they don’t require users to be in the office in order to access information. Since the cloud service is online, staff can use this service from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.

Cloud ERP Connects Regional Branches

Since cloud ERP systems are Internet-based, it’s now easier than ever to have all your regional teams working on one platform. Instead of each branch compiling its own data and using its own systems, which will then need to be compiled and compared with other teams later, wasting both time and money, cloud ERP software allows for complete integration across all departments and locations. Your teams will always be on the same page because they will be looking at the exact same data and using the same tools.

Lower Costs

Another way cloud ERP services can boost the viability of multi-regional companies is by directly lowering operating costs. There are several ways in which cloud ERP software can do this:

  • Cloud ERP solutions generally have lower upfront costs than on-premise ERP. This immediate savings will allow business owners and managers to spend resources on other things.
  • Cloud enterprise resource planning software can automate certain tasks. This is most prevalent in the accounting and human resources departments, as cloud ERP systems can automatically perform many duties related to payroll and employee benefits. Going with a cloud ERP system will likely allow your multi-regional company to downsize in some departments.
  • Your IT team will be able to focus more on maintaining the cloud ERP system itself than hardware required to run an in-house ERP. Not having to continually upgrade and secure an in-house ERP will also save your organization money.

Cloud ERP Systems Offer Greater Security

It might seem unintuitive, but cloud ERP systems are often more secure than on-premise ones. This is because with a Cloud ERP program, the security is backed by the company that provides the service. A good cloud ERP provider utilizes a security protocol that makes your organization’s internal information extremely secure. Cloud ERP services want to maintain your business, so it’s in their best interest to provide you with the utmost security. By creating individual accounts for each user—all with unique permissions—sensitive information can be kept out of reach from potential threats. Any multi-regional company can appreciate the importance of keeping its internal business private.

Make More Data-Driven Decisions

One of the greatest benefits of a cloud ERP system is that it compiles all company data in one secure location. This allows business owners and managers to make smarter decisions, based on real-time analytics instead of guesswork. When operating a large company, it’s essential that choices are made based on objective reality, not just what appears to be true. Multi-regional companies will benefit from the unprecedented level of data collection and metrics available through cloud ERP software.

While cloud-based ERP systems have proven beneficial for companies of all shapes and sizes, they can be especially helpful for organizations spread across different geographical regions. Implementing cloud ERP software might be the move that takes your multi-regional business to the next level.

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