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Hair Extension Myths and Misconceptions

by Editor (editor), , September 20, 2017

Here are myths and misconceptions you need to check out right now.

If you have considered making your locks thicker and longer with hair extensions, then you might have come across numerous horror stories associated with their use. By now you might be thinking, “Are those horror stories really true or not?”

To help you decide whether you should have extension pieces set on your head by a professional or not, here are myths and misconceptions you need to check out right now.

1. If you get extension pieces, your hair will cease growing!

Even with extension pieces on your head, your locks will grow as normal. As such, hair extensions can be your best friend while you’re waiting for your natural locks to grow longer. It also implies that you will need to reattach fastening points as soon as you notice your hair growing to keep the look natural and prevent too much wear and tear.

2. Extension pieces damage natural hair strands!

This is true only if installation isn’t done correctly. So make sure to ask a stylist to set up extension pieces after getting them from reputed vendors like Human Hair Extension Online. Once they’re set up, make sure that proper maintenance is done, and that you approach a stylist again once it’s time to remove them.

3. Maintenance requires regular salon visits.

Regular salon visits are not required to keep extension pieces attached to your head intact, although they can be very helpful. If extension pieces made from real human hair are on your head, all it really takes is to take care of them as though they were your real strands (of course, with a few tweaks, depending on the way the pieces should be attached).

4. High quality pieces cost a fortune!

Many perceive quality extension pieces to be very expensive, especially since many models and female actors use them to achieve the desired look for film, TV, or the runway. But so many pieces out there do not cost much at all.

5. Hair that is used to create pieces either comes from dead people or the salon floor.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In many cases, the strands put together to create extensions are real hair from living people who have chosen to donate or sell them to those willing to buy them.

6. Everyone will know that you have extensions on!

As mentioned above, celebrities and supermodels have pieces set up on their heads from time to time, especially if there is a need to achieve the look that’s most suitable for film, television, or the runway. Have you seen clips or tape slip out and display themselves to the camera? Maybe you have, but this does not happen often, and you can prevent that horrifying situation from happening to you by having pieces set up by a reputed stylist after the purchase.

7. The extra strands will weigh your head down and cause headaches.

Of course, extensions, being hair accessories, will feel heavy on your head at first. But don’t worry about your head feeling heavy or getting headaches as a result. You will eventually get used to them being on your head the longer they stay there.

Among those with sensitive scalps, however, headaches can happen as a result of wearing extensions. The best workarounds to this issue include using lightweight pieces and clipping in pieces a few centimetres away from the scalp.

As long as you purchase high quality extensions made from natural human hair, have them set up for you by a stylist who actually knows what to do, and do everything you can to ensure they stay intact, the chances of you having a bad hair day with extensions on should be close to zero. Only a stray tree branch, hard rain, and strong wind should be able to ruin your well-done hairdo, and, by extension, the extensions used to create it.

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