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5 Ways You Can Use Leftover Address Labels in the Workplace

by Editor (editor), , August 25, 2017

Here are five practical ways to make use of your leftover address labels so that your workspace is always in order.

There’s all sorts of ways you can use the address labels you have left over after a mailing campaign in the office to make things more organized. Given the fact that you’ll likely only have an odd number of address labels left over, it’s best to find an immediate use for them. Make sure you use only high-quality mailing supplies such as the address label range that Dymo manufacture so that your customers come to expect consistency in every package they receive.

Here are five practical ways to make use of your leftover address labels so that your workspace is always in order.

1. Labelling Files and Folders

Once you put paperwork in a Manila folder, you have to open it and sort through it to find out where it needs to go. Use extra address labels to print out what each file folder consists of and give a description of what is contained in each set of paperwork. Your staff will be able to move these well labelled file folders from their desks to the correct file cabinet by glancing at the labels instead of rifling through each individual set of paperwork.

2. Organizing Spaces on Shelves

If your workspace organization system includes an open shelving system, files and folders will always be in reach, but you also need a great means of keeping all paperwork grouped efficiently. Leftover address labels can be applied directly to office space shelves to make your filing system neater and organized in a way that helps you to locate important papers. Create a shelf filing system that groups all files chronologically, alphabetically, by priority, or via worker.

3. Designating Paperwork for Employees

In the event that your workspace assigns specific files to specific workers, you should utilize an organization system that helps to keep files where they’re supposed to be. Color-code your leftover address labels and your staff will be able to see which files are supposed to be in their possession. You can highlight the words on each label so that they’re highly identifiable and include the employee name or number so that they get into the corresponding worker’s hands quickly.

4. Keeping Office Supplies Organized

Pens, reams of paper, paper clips and other office supplies can end up going in a lot of places before they need to be used. If you have a pen holder on your desk you may want to use extra address labels to write your name or even an inspirational message. Office supplies can also be better organized through the use ofaddress labels so you know when they were purchased, can tabulate how quickly they are being used, and can see which workers have most recently used or replenished them.

5. Making Name Tags for Doors

Name plaques may be the fancier way to designated offices for each of your workers, but address labels work just as well. In addition, using address labels can work on office spaces that are used for breaks and meetings in a much eco-friendlier way. You can take down these address labels and change around uses for every room in your office much more efficiently than if you were to use traditional name plates.

Instead of letting your extra address labels pile up, you can find creative ways to make them more useful. Put them on file folders to save money and make files more visible. Alternatively, you can use them for labeling office supplies so that your storage closet always looks neater.

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