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Is TKR necessary for me How to decide

by Editor (editor), , August 22, 2017

Younger patients with injuries to the knee arising out of car accidents or sports-related injuries might also require surgery.

The most common diagnosis of knee pain and its cause, before knee replacement is recommended, is osteoarthritis, in which case you are unable to carry out regular daily activities. You may find it difficult to walk, bend the knee, kneel or squat under normal circumstances and these are indicators that it is time to speak to your doctor about the possibility of knee replacement surgery. While commonplace among individuals between the age group of 60 to 80 years, younger patients with injuries to the knee arising out of car accidents or sports-related injuries might also require surgery.

Stages of knee pain prior to surgery:

Patients have been known to be concerned about the knee replacement cost involved, and while this is a concern area, it is first necessary to decide if TKR, or Total Knee Replacement, is needed at all, and when. Let us see how the symptoms announce their presence and track the gradual rise in various stages: Initially, there may be a dull ache which might gradually increase as the years go by. This kind of pain becomes prominent when the knee is under pressure or stress. Going to the toilet, getting up from the chair or a low sofa, or using a staircase will become increasingly difficult. You may resort to painkillers at this stage as the pain becomes a deterrent to a restful night’s sleep. Daily activities such as walking, gardening, or shopping at the supermarket for groceries will become stressful tasks as the stages progress. Changes in appearance of the knee might be a sign of inflammation. When normal activities become a task, it is time to consider TKR and speaking to your doctor about the process.

By the time recurring pain and extreme discomfort in the knee joint become a regular source of discomfort, you would have already considered meeting up with an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate the next step. There is a probability that your family doctor will suggest physical therapy, exercise, braces or injections to ease the pain before deciding on whether to go ahead with partial knee surgery or TKR.

Get a diagnosis! Your family doctor will refer you to an orthopedic surgeon who will ultimately decide if surgery is your best option, and he will also suggest the most appropriate type of knee surgery for you. In case of Total Knee Replacement, or TKR, while there are many affordable sugrery Packages available, it is advisable to be aware of the TKR surgery cost, to avoid getting a nasty surprise later on.

In order to diagnose the condition of your knee, your orthopedic surgeon will conduct a detailed examination through X-rays and various physical tests. He will ask you to describe the pain in detail and question whether you suffer from pain in other joints of the body. If you have suffered from any trauma or injuries arising out of accidents or from sports, it is advisable to mention the same to your surgeon. Any medical history or records you might have should be intimated as well. You will then be put through a series of strength-testing and motion-related activities such as stretches and walking. Any change in the size or shape of the bones in your knees will be visible through X-rays, and this will determine the need for knee surgery.

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