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Best Guidelines to Improve WordPress Blog

by Editor (editor), , August 18, 2017

Here we are listing down some of the quality guidelines so you can get improved & best WordPress website blogs:

WordPress is an open source website creation tool which is available online and written in PHP. It is the world’s most famous and reliable CMS (content management system) which is easiest and most powerful blogging CMS. This platform allows the user to access feature of customization in which no websites looks similar. The WordPress is convenient and applicable for all type of websites including e-commerce, business, blogs, and news websites to online shopping stores even for the static websites. Web development services are utilizing WordPress on a larger scale. It offers treasure of unique themes and identical blogging platform for developing interesting web projects. The learning curve is easy and simple, so the user can get more out of it. Here we are listing down some of the quality guidelines so you can get improved & best WordPress website blogs:

Sitemap protocol to map the website structure:

The search engine visits your website in order to experience the structure of content with lack of difficulty they need to navigate it. It utilizes sitemap protocols so the search engines can understand your website and make a complete structure map of your website to navigate it easily. SEO (search engine optimization) is referring to make the website more accessible to the search engine robots. Sitemap protocols make a complete, machine readable map of the website. Even you don’t need to use coding to create sitemap, simply use sitemap plugins like Google XML sitemap.

Choose a suitable permalink structure:

The statements people use in web browsers while making a search are permalinks and the search engines list those links to reach the WordPress blogs. Select and highlight appropriate permalinks to enhance the visibility of the content in the search engine. For the best results you can use and create permalinks on the main WordPress dashboard or setting page.

Use responsive themes:

There are millions of on-web users all over the globe who are browsing from several devices like smart phones, tablets and pc’s. There are thousands of themes present for WordPress and among these some of are responsive that enables the devices automatically according to different screen sizes. It rearrange on page elements for optimal mobile experience.

Keep things relevant and up-to-date:

The readers and search engines like the content which is fresh, plagiarism free and relevant to reader’s search. You can find severalWordPress blogs to read. There are famous WordPress sites that remain on the first page search. It was originally designed for blogging only and tailored towards consistent content publication.

Image optimization recommended:

Optimize the visual content on the website, so you can maximize performance, minimize bandwidth usage and boost search engine optimization on your website. For example, if you have multiple images for your website then it can be hosted off-site and enclose all the visualize content on your WordPress. Resultantly, it can be accessible by the users and consume lesser bandwidth.

The blogger can also include self hosted blogs, avoid using sub-domain, organize backups, and install a WordPress SEO by Yoast to improve WordPress blogs. So the bloggers, readers and WordPress users can take benefit of the blogs and utilize quality content. It can be done for marketing or professional reasons.

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