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Development and Trend of Data Center in 2018

by Editor (editor), , August 08, 2017

We believe that a new generation data center in 2018 should have the following characteristics.

The Development Trend of New Generation Data Center

A new generation data center not only has a strong enough power supply system, refrigeration systems and dynamic distribution system, but also meets the IT requirements of high availability, high continuity, and high flexibility. We believe that a new generation data center in 2018 should have the following characteristics.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the important indicators of a new generation data centers, and it is also an inevitable requirement in the process of institutional change. When organizations are in the expansion and increasing the business, it is necessary to make dynamic adjustments to IT resources. When the business increases, the resources cannot be provided in time, or the resources cannot be recovered in time when the business is reduced, it will adversely affect the operation of the organization.

Virtualization technology is an important means of achieving business flexibility, using less hardware and power consumption, but achieving greater processing power. A large number of organizations have adopted virtualization products for resource consolidation, which enable virtualization applications to scale beyond servers, including storage and network equipment.

2. Green energy saving

Energy consumption is the main operation and maintenance cost of the data center, and building green data center can save the operation and maintenance costs, improve the data center capacity, improve the power system’s reliability and scalable flexibility and other effects. Ideally, the green data center can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning by 20% to 45% by satisfying the same IT equipment power supply through virtualization, blade server and water cooling. Therefore, the green data center is one of the important directions of new generation of data center development.

3. Modularization

The modularization of the data center will be more flexible and more responsive to the needs of future data center development. We do not need to think of the data center as a single whole, instead, we can divide data center into multiple functional areas according to the application, service type and resource consumption rate. Each function area can be dynamically upgraded and maintained without affecting the operation of other areas.

4. Integration

Integration is an important management tool in the new generation of data center. Organizations can improve data center’s productivity by re-setting up servers, or improve server utilization by adopting new blade servers. Organizations can also consolidate data center resources by adopting virtualization technologies and closing high-power, inefficient data centers. At present, as I know many System integrators choose Cozlink’s one-stop service.

5. Automation

The new generation data centers should have fast service delivery capabilities for automated management of visibility and control, while providing greater efficiency, more economical cost and faster response, enabling organizations to easily respond to service changes and the need for development. In a new generation of data centers, automated management tools are required to make intelligent and automatic deployment of large and complex IT management tasks. A new generation of automated management technology will cover desktop devices, servers, networks, storage and backup platform equipment, and reduce human intervention, so as to effectively avoid human error caused by power outages and other problems.

6. Stability and safety

Early data center infrastructure cannot recover quickly from interruption, and network attacks and network viruses create a lot of troubles for data center’s security. System’s stability and security will become the basic attributes of new generation data centers. Virtualization technology plays an increasingly important role in system’s reliability, and it can integrate heterogeneous resources. When a system has a failure, it can achieve dynamic migration, so as to protect the non-disruptive operation of the application.

7. Virtualization and cloud computing

A new generation data center should have the characteristics of virtualization, which will break the constraints between IT users and IT resources, so that complex system is simplified. Virtualization is one of the important technologies that affect the development of new generation data centers. The advantage of virtualization is to effectively improve the efficiency of the data center, reduce the cost of investment, integration, optimize the existing server’s resources and performance, and flexibly and dynamically meet the needs of business development.

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