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6 Important Things Every Parent Should Consider Before Shipping Their Car

by Editor (editor), , June 29, 2017

Here are six major things they consider before shipping them.

Most parents transport their cars overseas by contracting a reliable auto transport company. To them, making decision on moving their vehicle is not something that happens overnight.

Normally, parents are not too concerned with how much it cost to ship a vehicle. But on vital things that offers a lively and comfortable transport for their kiddos. Besides, parents’ cars are usually fun and roomy for road trips.

There are several important things parent considers before they ship a car, and here are six major things they consider before shipping them.

1. The Safety Rating of the Car:

Is the safety rating of your car of standard?

Before shipping your vehicle to your new location, regardless of how recent you bought it, how much safety the car provides for you and your children should be your primary concern.

Legally, you are obliged to take full responsibility over your children, and also protect them with your best ability (i.e. the safest means to transport them).

According to the crash test rating carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle safety rates are analyzed based on the following.

  • Frontal crash test.
  • Side barrier crash test.
  • Rollover resistance test.

More importantly, parent should visit NHTSA for more genuine information on their car’s safety rating. Take note of these following before shipping your car;

  • The Crashworthiness: How well does your vehicle protects its occupants in a crash?
  • The Crash Avoidance and Mitigation: Does it have this technology that can prevent a crash or lessen its severity?

2. The Cargo Space of the Car:

For parents, Cargo space is one of the most important things that matters to them in a car. So, they consider it before shipping the vehicle to new city.

Due to the large number of items they love moving with; to ship a car with large cargo space or wide trunk is of more importance to them.

Cargo space is indispensible for nursing parent. For example, nursing mothers love carrying their strollers with them, and most times it is kept in the trunk. Additionally, the trunk of a vehicle determines the load capacity parents can carry for a road trip.

So, to avoid the inconveniences in load carrying, parent prefers transporting their cargo spaced car with them.

3. A Comfortable Interior Design:

Due to the money parent spent on designing the interior of their car, selling the car because they’re relocating is rarely the case.

Meanwhile, the fear of spending on another car that suits their needs further convinces them in moving their car along with them.

Furthermore, the struggle behind installing new reverse-facing child safety seat using the Lower Anchors and Tether for Children (LATCH) for child safety; motivates nursing parent to ship their vehicle since they’re in good shape.

4. The Built In Car Shades:

Another important thing that parent consider before shipping a car is the built in shade in the car.

If the vehicle in question have a built in car shade that prevents the children from suffering from the blinding sun, most parent will do all it takes to get the car transported to their new location.

On the contrary, parents are more likely to sell the car that doesn’t have the built-in shades, especially mothers whose kids are less than 6 years of age.

5. The Fuel Economy of the Car:

The rate at which the vehicle in question consumes fuel, happens to be one of the important things parent consider before shipping their cars.

While some parent would love ship a safe and spacious vehicle, the fuel economy of the car and its reliability are important factors they look into.

For instance, if the car is reliable and economizes fuel, they tend to transport it to their current location. But if the car always demands for mechanical attention, and does not economizes fuel, they’re more likely to sell it off than shipping it.

6. The Television in the Car:

Most times, the presence of this fancy device in a vehicle could inspire some parent to consider shipping the car. Interestingly, families that love going on road trip vacations find their journey entertaining when they find something interesting to watch.

However, if the car is without a television, some parent might easily convince themselves to sell it rather than shipping it. This is usually the case when the whole family does not really like the car.


For singles, they could just hire an agency to transport their cars to the required destination. But for parents, there are some important things (as discussed above) they have to think through before shipping their cars.

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