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Remain Competitive With Leased Line Providers in the UK

by Editor (editor), , June 20, 2017

Want to remain competitive and future-proof your business? Choose connectivity solutions from leased line providers in the UK to always stay on top!

How to Remain Competitive and Future-Proof Your Business With Connectivity Solutions From Leased Line Providers in the UK

The importance of business connectivity solutions cannot be overestimated in today's competitive market environment. High-performance Internet connections are the backbone of modern companies that aim to support undisrupted operation of their business applications and deliver high-quality service to their customers. A dedicated connection from leased line providers in the UK (click here to learn more) is a must for any business that relies on state of the art connectivity to remain competitive.

Why Choose a Leased Line From Providers in the UK?

Modern business applications require high-performance connection: these include (but are not limited to) real-time teleconferencing; large data uploads, and cloud sharing technologies.

What makes them similar? All of these depend on stable and reliable high-capacity symmetric connection. Unlike consumer-grade connections such as ADSL, a leased line from providers in the UK meets all of these demands.

What is a Symmetric Connection And Why It Is Important?

A symmetric connection is a type of connection that provides equal downstream and upstream capacity.

Most consumers require adequate downstream to surf the Web, stream music and video, use Internet messengers and so on. In this case, their upstream contains mostly requests from their computer to the servers for downloadable content. That is why consumer-grade solutions such as asymmetric subscriber lines, or ADSL, can get away with pitiful upstream capacity that is only a fraction of the advertised speed.

Business applications such as real-time teleconferencing or cloud sharing are another matter altogether: they need symmetric upstream and downstream bandwidth to both download and upload large amounts of data. That is why ADSL is barely a viable option for business customers.

Shared Vs Dedicated Connection

Leased line providers in the UK offer dedicated solutions, meaning your business does not have to share bandwidth with other customers. Simply put, a dedicated line is a cable that runs from the provider to your premises and is used solely by you.

Shared connections are prone to slowdowns at peak times, since many customers have to literally share limited capacity. With a dedicated connection, all this bandwidth is yours at any time.

What's more, ADSL connections use existing copper wires of a public telephone network. This means possible outages and downtimes for maintenance works. On the contrary, leased line providers in the UK do not cater to the general public and have fewer customers. This means they can invest more into their infrastructure and customer service. You may count on 24/7 support and be sure that your problems will be dealt with swiftly and accurately.

Future-Proof Solutions

A dedicated line has the benefit of scalability. This means that your investment today will secure your connectivity demands for years to come. With ever-growing requirements for more bandwidth it is indeed a smart move.

That said, a dedicated line provides the best and most reliable connection that sharpens your competitive edge and helps you future-proof your business against the challenges of tomorrow.

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