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Have the perfect wedding without spending a fortune

by Editor (editor), , May 22, 2017

Smart savings and wedding hacks can bring down your costs without affecting your experience.

Once all the excitement of a proposal dies down it’s time to start thinking about how to have the perfect wedding, whatever your budget. There are so many different things including wedding invitation cards, dress, food, decoration and others which can affect how much your dream wedding costs – with some smart thinking, and great timing, you can have it all without spending a fortune and you won't need to borrow money to cover the costs.

Don’t get married on a Saturday

Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday so you’ll pay more for the pleasure. Same venue, same service but the price can be up to 50% cheaper if you do it on a different day. That’s particularly so if you also choose to get married out of wedding season (i.e. not May – September). For the biggest discounts, get married on a Sunday or in the evening.

Have a long engagement

There’s no for weddings. If you leave it to the last minute you’re much more likely to pay more for the same flowers/cake/chairs. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and research – make sure you’re getting the best possible price and then book a year or so ahead for an early bird discount. You’ll have a lot more choice with wedding suppliers if you don’t have the pressure of a last minute panic and choice means you can get the price that you want.

Go for a venue-only deal

Wedding packages can seem like a great idea but, inevitably, there is something in there that you wouldn’t necessarily want if given the choice, whether it’s the food or the DJ. Find a venue where everything is optional and you can save a lot, from bringing in your own waiting staff, to buying the alcohol yourself. You’ll avoid mark-ups, overstaffing and a lack of choice by organising everything separately.

Find an unconventional spot

If you add the word ‘wedding’ into any situation prices seem to rocket instantly. This is especially so when it comes to traditional venues – golf course, stately homes and hotels add huge mark-ups for weddings that other event organisers don’t have to pay. Steer clear of the traditional wedding venue and get a better deal for your wedding. Warehouse weddings are the new hipster trend, for example, but you could have your wedding anywhere – an old film studio, a friend’s barn, your parent’s garden, on the beach, in a rented property or even in a cinema.

Get everyone involved

Weddings where guests have had a part to play really mean something and the more people who contribute, the less you have to pay. If your best friend made the cake, your relatives created the bunting and your other half’s parents designed the wedding invites you’ll have so many more memories than if everything has been provided by faceless businesses. Plus, you’ll keep costs to an absolute minimum and make everyone feel important on your big day. Never feel cheap asking for help when it comes to weddings – everyone understands how pricey they are and you’ll be surprised how many people want to play a part.

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