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5 Amazing Self Storage Tips

by Editor (editor), , May 22, 2017

Paying for self storage is a great idea as long as you make the most of the space. These 5 amazing self storage tips will help you make the most of the extra space you pay for.

Self storage is a great option for many people in many scenarios including going home after university for the summer, going travelling, moving back home to save for a house deposit, having a baby, moving house, starting a business - the list is endless.

If you have already invested in additional storage there are lots of ways you can make it benefit you even more than it already does. Here are 5 amazing self storage tips to help you make the most of your space:

1. Declutter

It may seem obvious not to pay for space you don't need, but some people get so used to having extra space they use it a bit like a spare room. Every few months or so, declutter your self storage space so you can make room for other items, downsize to a smaller unit or maybe even stop using self storage altogether for a while if you don't need any items in there any more.

2. Shop Around

The contracts for self storage units are always flexible, just like anything else you pay for monthly you should always be shopping around for better prices and services. Sure you don't want to keep moving your stuff around, but if your unit costs can be halved somewhere else and you get more for your money, it is worth one day of disruption. Especially if your current facility has put up their fees do a quick comparison of self storage prices to make sure you are still getting a good deal.

3. Stay Organised

Hopefully when you set your unit up you had a list of boxes written down and listed what was inside them to be organised. Perhaps you have taken items out and added them over time, and you really don't know what is in the unit any more. Stay organised to ensure you are making the most from your unit. Spend the day doing a new recce of the place and get organised again, so you know exactly what you are paying money to store.

4. Stay Clean

Sometimes when we do work in our self storage units or we move things around a lot, the space can get messy and untidy and even dirty. Be sure to treat the space like anywhere in your home and keep it clean and tidy so you enjoy being in the space, and so all your items are kept safe.

5. Check Long Term Storage

Often with long term storage we can forget to check on items to see if they are OK. No matter how well you store them and how great the environment is for the items, they may still have degraded. For example you may not have noticed a dress was damp when you packed it in a plastic wrap, and it may have started to go mouldy. You don't need to check all the time of course, but checking in every now and then ensures that you catch any issues early, so any items that aren't doing so well can be rescued in good time.

Remember, you pay for your cheap self storage so it pays to make the most of it at all times. Keep it clean, keep it tidy and keep it organised to make the best of the secure, dry, safe space you choose to store your items in.

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