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Top Tech Firms In Support Of Transgender Rights

by Editor (editor), , April 20, 2017

However, the board's policy prohibits him from doing so because that is not the gender of his birth certificate.

Some of the biggest tech firms have chosen to voice their position on transgender people’s civil rights. A lot of things been done by top tech firms in support of transgender rights. Companies including Airbnb, Apple, eBay, IBM, Microsoft and PayPal have filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court. This action is in support of a lawsuit against a school board in Gloucester County Virginia. Where a transgender teen, Gavin Grimm wants to use the boys' bathroom at school. However, the board's policy prohibits him from doing so because that is not the gender of his birth certificate.

Top online reviews company Yelp is talking things a step further. They want to make business owners aware of their public image. Yelp intends to add “gender neutral restrooms” category to its listings. The feature will appear on its app and website in the coming weeks. They hope that by enabling consumers to search for businesses offering gender-neutral restrooms they will start some conversations. Yelp is keeping with its policy to promote inclusion and acceptance just like sun vegas casino which keeps to its online policy.

It is the responsibility of the biggest corporations to contribute to social issues. And the issue of transgender rights is a major issue. Resolving it requires a high level of skill considering the sensitivity of the topic. By adding their voices to the argument they can help steer society in the right direction. It is important that as the tech firms they need to realise the lasting impacts of any decision that is taken. Even today some regions are struggling with legalising online gambling because of such related issues, visit south african gambling sites for example. The transgender civil rights matter may take a little longer to resolve. Morality and preservation of personal liberties have always been difficult to balance.

Gender neutral toilets are bathrooms that can be accessed by people of any gender. These toilets have stalls that are lockable. Each stall only accommodating a single person. Such facilities eliminate problems that arise from transgender individuals wanting to use the toilet that matches their chosen gender. Which is against policy in many institutions.

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