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Give Customers These Reasons To Come Back

by Editor (editor), , March 29, 2017

With the methods below, you can give them plenty of reasons to keep coming back, too.

Is your business always scrambling to look for leads? Does it feel like things are going to collapse if you can’t get enough new customers in? Always welcoming new customers in a business is important, but if it’s the only way you’re securing revenue, you might be doing it wrong. Studies show it’s a lot easier to retain customers and urge them to repeat business than it is to find totally new ones. With the methods below, you can give them plenty of reasons to keep coming back, too.


Bring them back for themselves

If customers don’t seem as willing to come back of their own volition, then a little prodding from you will do the trick. Getting them to subscribe to email newsletters that promote new deals and the like is a start. If you really want to make it an irresistible offer, however, then you need to add some real value to their repeat custom. One of the simplest ways to do that is to offer a loyalty scheme or a rewards system that incentivizes repeat purchases. It might be as simple as offering points they can cash in on to get better deals, but you will get a lot more interest offering exclusive rewards.

Bring them back for their friends

People don’t always buy for themselves. They also buy for their friends. If your business has potential as a perfect place to stop for gifts, then you should commit to making that a primary aspect of how you sell. Instead of selling products alone, you should make it easier to get in the habit of social spending with things like printable gift certificates. Not only are you opening up a new revenue stream, giving your business more value in its marketing content. You’re also turning your customers into marketers. Even better than word-of-mouth is word-of-mouth that comes off an extra sale.

Bring them back for content

Businesses have been exploring the many advantages that come with writing and publishing their own content online. You don’t have to just write about your business and the products around it. Your products likely have some kind of broader lifestyle they fit into. That’s the area you can write tips and advice on. People interested in your industry will stick around to keep checking for new and valuable content. It also gives them more incentive to subscribe to an email newsletter that can give plenty of space to your marketing calls to action as well. Content marketing on your site also happens to be an effective way of bringing in new customers and referrals, too. People who have an interest in the lifestyle you’re writing about will come to your site because you might have answers to their questions or tips they could use. While they visit, they’re likely to see that you offer relevant products and services, giving them plenty of reason to convert.

Focus on welcoming customers back with open arms and giving them plenty more reasons to visit your site or your store and to keep buying. Besides securing some reliable revenue, it creates a connection with those customers turning them into brand supporters. Those are just the kind of people you need to create the buzz that attracts more new customers.

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