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Benefits of using an HR management software like greytHR

by Editor (editor), , March 16, 2017

The following are greytHR’s key functionalities and associated benefits, as one of the best HR and payroll software available online:

greytHR is an integrated HR and payroll software that allows you to automate a number of processes that lead to considerable time and effort investments when performed manually. Being a cloud-based HR management software, it offers you security, near-zero downtime and anytime, anywhere user access. The following are greytHR’s key functionalities and associated benefits, as one of the best HR and payroll software available online:

Payroll Processing: HR statutory compliance is a key concern in the Indian market. 100% compliant with Indian statutory laws, greytHR’s HR and payroll software is highly flexible and extensively configurable to your needs - be it complex or otherwise. The HR management software eliminates manual input collection and makes payroll processing timely and error-free. Aspects such as loans, full and final settlements and arrears can all be handled with minimum intervention on greytHR, whereas one-click payslip generation eliminates payslip preparation, emailing and printing.

Leave Management: Online leave data and interactive workflows remove HR dependency and empower employees to take quick decisions.A centralized location for all your leave-related data means no more missed data or sifting through piles of emails to collate leave requests, grants and balances. Timely alerts and reminders to both employees and managers for pending actions eliminate the requirement for HR follow-ups. What’s more, greytHR, as an HR management software, ensures the smooth flow of leave data into payroll as well.

Attendance Management:Through appropriate integrations, this HR management software’s advanced attendance management module eliminates the need for manual export of data from attendance hardware and import into attendance software. Such integration also does away with HR personnel having to manually verify employees’ entries and exits according to company policy, thus saving time and effort. GPS-enabled attendance also allows employees to log into the company system even while at client locations.

Expense Claims Management: HR & payroll software,such as greytHR, empowers employees and managers to accurately report expenses while enforcing company policies, approval limits and other business rules. Configurable and easy to use, the robust expense management module inside greytHR’s HR management softwareallows for multiple expense heads and lets you define limits and rules for claiming expenses. Multiple expense forms for teams/individuals can also be configured. Online workflows allow employees to apply for claims on the employee portal, which can be approved by the management. All stakeholders are connected via system/action-triggered emails.

Employee Self-Service: Providing instant employee access to all relevant information, anywhere, anytime is theHR management software’s employee self-service module. Gone are the days when the employee is forced to approach HR for every concern, query or request. With the employee self-service feature, employees can now initiate leave requests, expense claims, etc., at their own convenience and with no intervention. This, in turn, leaves the HR free to focus on more strategic matters.

The above aspects capture the key transactional HR needs within growing organizations, which are fulfilled efficiently and cost-effectively by HR management software,such as greytHR.

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