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The Significance of Social Media in Blog Promotion

by Editor (editor), , February 20, 2017

There are so many ways through which you can use the social media for your blog promotion, the most important are;

There is no doubt the fact that social media has become the largest platform for which blogs are promoted. With millions of users signing up on daily basis, social media can help you spread a message quickly beyond your borders. There are so many ways through which you can use the social media for your blog promotion, the most important are;

#1: Embracing more visual contents

By now you should have known that tweets with images get more attention on Twitter while posts with pictures get more attention on Facebook. For this reason, the best possible way to promote your blog on social media is to leverage on visual contents such as images and videos. You can spread your leverage even more by creating branded images for each point on your blog. You can check this blog for more contents about using social media to promote your blog;

#2: Always customize your platform

There are numerous customizable posting features you can use to personalize your videos and images on social media, regardless of which platform you are using (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and so on). The catchier your contents are, the more attraction you get and that means the more traffic you can drive to your blog.

#3 Headlines matter most

Many social media users ignore the fact that headlines matter more than any other feature of social media content. Your headlines alone can generate curiosity that can force your followers to click on links that will direct them to your blog posts. Attention grabbing headlines shouldn’t be negative all the time but you can start by mentioning a serious crisis and then complete the headline with a hint about the solution. You can make use of some online tools that help in deriving effective titles depending on your niche industry. In addition to a compelling title, you need to make use of short and precise description plus relevant images, to backup your contents.

#4 Share content multiple times

Many social media users for blog promotion often share their contents on social media once and that is a huge mistake. For the maximum engagement of your blog, you need to install the share button of your social media profile on your blog and then you need to share your contents as many times as you can in order to ensure that more people view them.

In addition to sharing as many times as you can, you need to share your social media contents when most of your followers are active, this will encourage them to become engaging on the topics. Even if you don’t share them at “peak” periods, you may want to share the contents multiple times until it attracts the desired amount of attention it deserves.

#5: Respond to as many reactions as you can

Don’t just drop links and contents on your social media pages, you must try as much as possible to respond to all reactions or comments that each post generates. You should keep in mind that social media is designed for humans and not just for business; hence you must establish a human connection in order to drive your followers to your blog post. You need to post questions once in a while and let your audiences respond to such with their ideas.

#6: Post contents on the right social media platform.

Not all contents are ideal for all social media platforms, you don’t just dump contents across all platforms; make sure you familiarize yourself with your social media networks before you post certain contents. You can read more about blog promotion on the link;

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