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Four Entirely New Road Trips Just Waiting To Be Taken

by Editor (editor), , December 14, 2016

In this article, we’ll look at a few of the best ways to really spice it up.

Exploration and trying something different is the essence of the road trip. But if you love road trips, you might find yourself going through the same experiences again and again. Add some fun back into it. Consider taking a road trip with a difference. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the best ways to really spice it up.

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Bike your way

If you’re organizing a big family road trip, then you will have to get used to the idea of being overly encumbered with all sorts of essentials to bring with you. If it’s just you or just you and a friend or a partner, then why not consider going a lot lighter? Motorcycle your way down the highway. Just make sure you prepare your bike and yourself for the long journey. You need to go function over form with the right riding suit. You need to make sure your bike has an appropriate windshield, too. Surely, motorcycling is cool enough, you don’t need to add the hint of danger by neglecting to prepare for it.

Take it off-road

Why not take the road less traveled? There are a lot of truly great off-road routes in the US alone to make it possible to have a road trip almost entirely off the road. Just make sure you’re getting the right additions like Ford truck parts to ensure that your vehicle isn’t suffering too much damage from the elements. From Joshua Tree to the Magruder Road Corridor. Some of the most scenic routes in the nation are only really available if you’re willing to go off the beaten track.

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Rent a supercar

If you don’t want to go off-road, there’s still a way to add a whole new kind of thrill to your journey. Instead of making it about the places you’ll go, make it about the vehicle you’ll take with you. Motorcycles are one thing but supercars go well beyond that. If you have a bit of cash to burn, consider renting a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini. Take on the kind of car you always wish you had and see how it feels out where you can really give it a proper test drive.

Make it totally random

Put aside the plans and the maps for a second. Road trips are about exploration so why not make it truly random? If you’ve got a bunch of responsible, adult friends with you, then you’re likely to have a good time just about anywhere. Instead of planning a route, just flip a coin or roll a dice to decide which route you’re taking next. You might want to keep an app like Roadtrippers open just to find the next place you get food or have a proper night’s sleep in a bed. But the rest of it should be left up to Lady Luck.

Whether it’s the vehicle you take or the route you choose, there are easy ways to make your next road trip experience completely different from the last. Don’t settle for the same old thing again and again.

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