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Engaging Exercise Ideas You Probably Haven't Considered

by Editor (editor), , October 12, 2016

Fitness enthusiasts always need to look for new ideas to keep interested in exercising.

More and more people today are turning towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps you lose weight, improve your health, and stay productive. But staying motivated to work out all year can be tough. Fitness enthusiasts always need to look for new ideas to keep interested in exercising.

You’ve probably tried all the usual workouts like running and cycling. You’ve probably already had a go with every piece of exercise in your gym. When things get old, sometimes it takes a unique and engaging training idea to get you interested in fitness again. Here are some you may not have considered yet.

Jiu Jitsu

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Jiu Jitsu is a fascinating martial art to take part in. It’s often described as physical chess due to the amount of strategical movement involved. It’s a full contact sport where competitors grapple with one another to force a choke or a tap.

Jiu Jitsu practitioners have to continually move every part of their bodies to avoid being tapped out. It’s a highly physical activity which even smaller, less athletic people can win with enough speed and technique. It’s incredibly hard to master, but easy to start with many gyms offering Jiu Jitsu sessions.

It’s fantastic for discipline, self-defence, and building strength and fitness. It’s one of the most engaging and intense workouts you could get.

Park Workouts

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If you want an exercise idea that’s free, gets you outdoors, and builds strength and cardio, try a park workout. All you need is some workout clothes and a local park. You can find plenty of things outdoors to use as exercise equipment.

It’s easy to mix cardio with strength training when working out at the park. You could start out with some HIIT running, then stop at the monkey bars for some lat-busting pullups. There’s also plenty of open space for stretching or yoga.

Some parks nowadays even have outdoor gyms. But even things like benches and trees can be used for raised pushups or climbing. There are plenty of exciting and effective ways to exercise at the park. It’s an ideal way to get fit without a gym membership.


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Parkour (also known as freerunning) is a physical activity inspired by military obstacle courses. In parkour, everything is an obstacle. Stairs, walls, and even street lights can be used for jumps, flips, and stunts.

It’s an intense activity that involves a lot of speed and core strength. You can do it in parks, on the street or dedicated parkour gyms. Learn some beginner parkour moves, get out there, and be active.


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Kettlebells are a great alternative to dumbbells. They’re ball-shaped, cast-iron weights you can use for strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

They make for a great home workout. You may want to try shoulder presses or upright rows with heavy kettlebells to build strength. There are also many ways you can use smaller weights for building cardio.

All you need is a set of kettlebells. There are plenty of exercises to try, and you can find full-body kettlebell routines on the internet.

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