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4 Significant Reasons Why Businesses Choose Operating Online

by Editor (editor), , September 23, 2016

Many factors are contributing to the growth in internet companies. Here are some of the reasons why it’s such a prominent choice for entrepreneurs these days.

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It’s hard to ignore how closely interlinked business and the world wide web are today. You’d be hard pressed to find a company without any online presence. Many successful businesses have a website, a range of social media channels, and even create online content.

Many companies nowadays choose to operate entirely from the internet. The thought of a company without a physical presence would have been unthinkable before the web emerged. Online businesses have many benefits. Not having to invest in commercial property can save a lot of costs. Additionally, these kinds of businesses can often be run with fewer employees.

Many factors are contributing to the growth in internet companies. Here are some of the reasons why it’s such a prominent choice for entrepreneurs these days.

Working From Home

Everyone loves the idea of working in the comfort of their home and being their own boss. In fact, one survey found that 69% of entrepreneurs in America start their business at home! A quarter of respondents even operated their business without any employees.

This is largely thanks to the internet. Business owners can now communicate with customers and contacts through web communications. It’s easier than ever to start a business from home using the internet.

Many home businesses eventually expand into offices. Many world-famous companies started out of someone’s home, and the internet has led to much more emerging each year.

Digital Marketing

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Today, internet marketing is the most effective form. Things like search engine optimization and content creation are crucial to the success of many businesses. A website is an important landing ground for companies to direct potential customers to.

Digital marketing services have largely replaced old advertising methods. For example, Saleshub provides sales enablement services for many businesses. With web marketing being the most effective, businesses often only need the internet to be successful.

A company building is no longer as important when companies can appeal to customers through the web. For this reason, many companies rely on online operations alone.


The internet has changed the way many people shop. Around 40% of worldwide Internet users have made a purchase online at some point. This has led to the fast-growing e-commerce industry, consisting of shops that sell to customers online.

Sites like eBay and shopping software like Shopify makes it easy for companies to sell products online. Online credit card payments and services like PayPal means people can pay for goods from their computer or smartphone with ease.

The prominence of people shopping online seems set to grow further. E-commerce is becoming increasingly important. Many businesses are starting to turn more towards using the internet to sell goods and services.

Online Software

There’s a ton of online software and business apps out there today. These make it easier than ever for people to create internet businesses.

Cloud computing software is a particularly useful innovation. Workers are now able to complete their work from anywhere with cloud collaboration services such as Google Apps for Work.

The emergence of such online software makes it easier for businesses to operate online. Many companies can handle all their tasks through the internet.

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