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Starting a Transport Company? Here's What You Need to Think

by Editor (editor), , August 25, 2016

Here are some of the things that people don’t think about enough when they’re setting up a new transport company!

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So you’re looking to start a transport business. As you probably know, transport is a hot industry that can bring you great success if you play your cards right.

But at this initial stage, there are many things that budding business owners don’t think about. Here are some of the things that people don’t think about enough when they’re setting up a new transport company!

What sort of demand are you looking to deal with?

Transport companies, like many other companies, will deal with one of two types of demand. The first takes an ad hoc approach, and so becomes responsive to immediate demand. Jobs will turn up and you will take them as they do. This is an approach best avoided, as it means that work will be random rather than something you can organize. However, startups may not have the luxury of choice; you may have to begin this way. The other type is, of course, working with particular clients and doing certain jobs on a regular basis. There are some companies who juggle both types of jobs, but that might require a bigger workforce than you’ll have at first!


Will you be dealing with passengers?

When people think of transport companies, they usually think about those that carry passengers. Of course, you might not be thinking about this at all. You may want to provide a courier service that deals solely in packages. Or a trucking business that deals in heavy-duty stuff. But if you are thinking about transporting actual people, you’ll have a few more complications to deal with. You need to consider the various licenses and regulations involved. After all, you’ll be responsible for the safety of these people!

How will you track your operation?

It could be that you only ever intend your business to feature you and your vehicle. But this is probably unlikely. Most entrepreneurs here will hope to deal with a fleet of vehicles. They don’t want one cab, or one truck; they want loads of these drivers, all over the place, doing loads of different jobs. Of course, with that comes great operational complexity. So how exactly are you going to track all of those vehicles? You need to consider the great benefits of fleet tracking instead of leaving it all to chance.


Are you ready to deal with the competition?

This sort of business has a very low barrier to entry. What this means is that all someone needs to start a transport business is a person and a vehicle. That means that, at first, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of competition. This means two things that are very important to your ongoing business model. The first is that you really need to work hard to stick out from the crowd. The second is that your prices will probably need to be extremely competitive. Profits are expected to be low or even non-existent for a while. Make sure you keep your expenses covered. If you don’t play your cards right, you could end up falling at the first hurdle.

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