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3 Surefire Ways To Start Growing Your Business Today!

by Editor (editor), , August 25, 2016

Look at ways of expanding business while increasing efficiency. Or, expanding without adding extra costs to the business model.

When your business starts to perform well on a smaller market, you might start to think about expansion and growth. Truth be told, you should always be considering the growth of your company. Businesses that stay stagnant tend to be forgotten and get lost in the shuffle. Particularly, when new companies come along that are growing at a rapid rate. Due to business growth they can offer a better service to consumers and they may even steal some of your customers. As you can see then, business growth is important. So, how do you achieve it? More importantly, how do you grow your business without damaging the company model?

That might be easier said than done. A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that growing a business is just a case of spending more money. Spending more money will get you nothing in business but more problems. Your company will no longer be as competitive. In this situation, you become vulnerable to new companies. As such we need to look at ways of expanding while increasing efficiency. Or, expanding without adding extra costs to the business model. Here are some of the best ideas.

Marketing Growth

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There are lots of ways to grow your marketing without spending more money. Particularly, if you are using online promotion. One possibility that you may want to consider is using social media. With social media, you can engage your target customers directly and keep your business on their minds. That way, they won’t forget you in favor of a new and exciting competitor. Remember, when you use social media, you should be looking at how to create full marketing campaigns. You can use a hashtag to do this. If a hashtag is interesting or appealing a lot of people are going to use it. At that point, your business has the potential to go viral, gaining a massive amount of new customers.

You can use different types of social media for certain purposes. For instance, you might think that Facebook has become the old and outdated form of social media. Well, the kids may have switched to Instagram and Snapchat. Businesses, on the other hand, still use Facebook. Specifically, they set up Facebook groups and fill these groups with influential people. These people are likely to get customers to buy and make purchases. It’s also a great way to get UGC (user generated content). With UGC, your marketing continues to grow and develop at no extra cost to you. The secret to building a fantastic group on Facebook is not to add people. Rather let people join for themselves.

Tech Surges

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When thinking about expansion, you may want to research tech that can make your business more efficient and effective. Cloud data servers are an example of this type of technology. With cloud data, information can be transferred from anywhere, to customers, clients or employees. It’s the only way to ensure that your business is completely connected on the world market. Setting up a cloud data server isn’t easy. To do this, you should look into outsourced IT. Through a service such as this, they can set your company up with the latest tech. They’ll also monitor your networks and deal with any problems when or if they arise. We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this type of technology going to cost my business a fortune? Well, not if you outsource the job. When you outsource, you get the benefits without the cost. Instead, that heavy cost is taken on by another company. It’s a great win for your business, and you’ll have a service that you can rely on.

There are plenty of other tech upgrades that you should consider in your office. Some of which, won’t cost you any money at all. For instance, many modern businesses are encouraging workers to use their own devices in the office. This could be tablets or laptops that they have brought in from home. The benefit of this is that very few people let their personal tech fall too many generations behind the times. Thus by doing this, you can make sure most of your workers are using the latest tech without you paying for it. Better yet, even employees using old devices will upgrade. They won’t want to fall behind their peers.

You may want to look at the advantage and disadvantages of this model before you make that type of switch, though.

Investment In The Future

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If you want the best way to expand your business, you need to find fresh investments. Do this and your expansion won’t cost you anything. Instead, someone else will pay for it. If you think your expansion is commercially viable, you may want to try crowdfunding. Through crowdfunding, you can get a new idea off the ground at a limited cost. All you need to do is make sure that you catch the attention of current customers online. You can do this through Kickstarter. For instance, Pixabay is a well known sharing source of free images. They are currently using Kickstarter to fund a mobile version of their service. If you’re using this type of resource, be realistic with your goals. Do not try to gouge too much money from already loyal customers.

Alternatively, you can use business investors to fund your expansion. You might be able to do this if you have a new product or service ready to introduce to the market. Promote this new product at a tradeshow and watch as investors start to buzz around it. For this to work, you will need some fantastic forms of marketing.

Remember, the trick is to make your business stand out from the rest. Have a look at new, exciting forms of marketing to do this. VR is still a fresh idea in the business world. There are marketers available right now who can use it to create an immersive campaigns. You might be amazed at how much of a buzz you can build around your business with this type of tech.

We hope you use these concepts to your advantage, expanding your business without maximizing costs.

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