Sunday, December 16, 2018

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I came to this country in the winter of 1964, at the age of eight. And on that very first American winter, my adopted American grandfather took me and my younger brother to The Emporium, on Market Street, in San Francisco. We saw our very fist American Christmas display, met Santa Claus for the first time and sat on his lap. And then we saw our very first American Christmas Carnival, of all places, on the rooftop of The Emporium. We rode a Ferris wheel, tasted yummy corn dog on-a-stick, and fell in-love with cotton candy—a cloud of pink, sugary delight.

Over the years we often shopped... Read More

Mother Nature has convened a meeting of “Pancha bhootas” (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) or ‘Five Divine Forces’ viz., Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky Atmosphere to analyse the damage caused to them by the human beings so far, despite umpteen warnings earlier to human beings. In the meeting presided over by the Mother Nature an overall rogue behaviour and attitude of human beings towards the Mother Nature and Mother Earth has been discussed in depth, and a major war plan of action is prepared for, - how to teach big lessons to the Human beings who are uncontrollably rattling sabers... Read More

Now it is crystal clear that Nature is getting ready to do large scale war on the human beings, unable to bear the atrocities of mankind on the ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’, any more, as the Five Divine Devils i.e. ‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are feeling that the human beings have considerably caused harm and harassed them. We human beings are overestimating our abilities with our scientific knowledge that we are indomitable by any forces in the world. We feel proud of our formidable weaponary, but unmindfully... Read More

The 'Five Divine Devils’ called as ‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere, ('Pancha' means Five, 'Bhootas' means Forces) as per Hindu mythology, are now getting anger to declare war on the human beings and on their dangerous activities around the world. Since the period of Industrialiasation man had declared war on the ‘Five Divine Devils’ and humans have done several atrocities on the Five Divine Forces and on the ‘Mother Earth’ for their selfish ends.

Humans have been digging into deep and severely injuring the ‘Mother Earth’ to extract oil, gas, metals and... Read More

The Vietnam War is a distant memory that most Americans do not understand. This makes it a perpetual problem in society, as people continue to just go along with what other people are doing. Just like Germany under Hitler, people will go with the status quo flow until it drowns them. Propaganda can become the truth: if you try to question someone about it, they will exclaim you are wrong. We are a country chasing its tail as the two-party system plays us and perpetrates wars in the name of the ruling class. It uses the media to program society to think a certain way because most don’t... Read More

By Ravo

According to a Fox News report I read this morning, “The older people get, the more likely they are to suffer cognitive decline. Roughly 14% of people over 71 have some level of dementia, according to the National Institutes of Health. For those in their 90s, the rate rises to 37.4%.”

As I am now 72 years old, it’s possible that my observations are no longer trustworthy. Of course, my wife has felt this has been the case for many years now. Be that as it may, it led me to think about the many religious leaders around the world who may be verging on senility. Seyed Ali Khamenei, the... Read More

In the last week of September 2012 the Associated Press, BBC reports published in different sites and News Papers on the ancient Buddhist statue weighing about 10.6 kilograms and 9 inches height that the Nazi’s Great Schaefer expediton found at Chinese-Tibetan boarder in 1938 stated to be manufactured with that of meteorite element and other details revealed by Dr.Elmar Buchner of University of Stuttgart were rather confusing, as they have related the statue to Buddhism – probably for not having sufficient information on the “Indian Sanatana Dharma” or Ancient (Hindu) Vedic culture” and its... Read More

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The world we live in currently, one would be very hard pressed to experience rational peace and genuine freedom. "Peace", is a rare and almost extinct commodity. It is a shadow in the memory of humanity, a mere moment in the blink of an eye that we seldom...


Nice piece Credo as usual. You mention in context at the end "for fear of making war with the Gods." The keystone of peace lies crumbling,simply because the 'Gods of war' reign supreme despite race, religion,etc. Hypothetically if religion didn't exist...


I have serious doubts about the reality of Christ, but I have no doubt that if he existed, he did not look the way as the image commonly depicted in the U S and the rest of the West does. As the early Christians made war on pagan civilizations and cultures,...