Sunday, October 21, 2018

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During a Congress hearing, Defense Secretary-nominee Ashton Carter was asked if the government should supply defensive arms to Ukraine. "I very much incline in that direction ... because I think we need to support the Ukrainians in defending themselves."

President Barack Obama's bet as the Pentagon chief already said last week that he'd support providing lethal aid while Ukraine's president expressed his confidence that the US would help them. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden said last week that they've been "quite clear from the beginning that there is no military solution to this... Read More

It's undoubtedly a resounding accomplishment for European Space Agency (ESA) which launched the Rosetta mission in March 2004. After blasting off from Kourou spaceport of French Guiana, Rosetta and Philae have logged at least 6 billion kms just to reach the comet.

For a time, the spacecraft had gone on standby for almost 3 years. Apparently, it had gone 500 million miles away from the sun that the solar panels can't absorb enough energy to recharge and keep things going. Fortunately, the Rosetta came out of its hibernation just this January and approached its target: comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

... Read More

Hard work really pays off. After spending long hours at work, you finally purchased your dream car. Everything looks gorgeously fine, but a set of mag wheels Sydney will seal the deal. overwhelming as how you are feeling towards it. However, in order to keep your car impressive, some efforts for its maintenance care must take place.

After a few weeks of strolling, exposing it to the never ending problem of severe pollution will surely cause and encourage the building up of grease together with dirt that will likely befall in your car, especially in its mag wheels. The above problem... Read More

Fire scares everyone. From elderly folks, kids to animals, no one is safe from the clutches of fire accidents. Then who can save us from this kind of mishap? It’s the firefighter. A firefighter is a trained professional who knows the techniques to put off fire on time and saves the lives of those hapless people trapped in fire. At times, they have to take up daring activities, even at the cost of their own lives. Few of their feats are recorded in the Guinness World Records. From one year long fire truck tour to the biggest collection of fire helmets, here are few daring firefighting feats... Read More

Melbourne Festival of Food and Wine, started in the year 1993, is organized in the month of March every year. The purpose of this festival is to showcase Melbourne as the Food capital of Australia, the festival is not-for-profit event and is aimed to promote food and lifestyle in Melbourne. Since, its inception the festival has grown thousand folds and now hosts one of the world's largest lunches serving mouthwatering exquisite delicacies. It also gives chefs and culinary experts to showcase their skills and also to experiment and promote new dishes and cuisines. The festival has been a huge... Read More

Since prehistoric times, fire has played a major role in human lives. Sometimes, it has been a savior. However, at other times, it has emerged as one of the most destructive powers of nature. There have been several infamous incidents of fire breaking out and causing loss of lives and property. People just learned or tried to learn from their past experiences.

From the day human started building home with wood instead of stone, it became easier to catch fire. Sometimes the reason of fire is war, sometimes man's carelessness, and sometimes nature itself has taken the tool of destruction... Read More

Tires are more than just consumable parts of vehicles that people use every day. These very important parts of the car are critical in making sure that a car stays on the road. However, given the many uses of tires and its significance, not a lot of people are taking good care of their vehicles’ tires. Some even don’t pay any attention to the condition of the tyres at all.

Tire Care and Safety

When we think about road accidents, we always think about alcohol, speeding, and violation of traffic rules, but tire-related problems are also a factor in rising number of accidents across... Read More

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The world we live in currently, one would be very hard pressed to experience rational peace and genuine freedom. "Peace", is a rare and almost extinct commodity. It is a shadow in the memory of humanity, a mere moment in the blink of an eye that we seldom...


Nice piece Credo as usual. You mention in context at the end "for fear of making war with the Gods." The keystone of peace lies crumbling,simply because the 'Gods of war' reign supreme despite race, religion,etc. Hypothetically if religion didn't exist...


I have serious doubts about the reality of Christ, but I have no doubt that if he existed, he did not look the way as the image commonly depicted in the U S and the rest of the West does. As the early Christians made war on pagan civilizations and cultures,...