Friday, January 18, 2019

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"Israel and the United States are conferring about imposing new sanctions against Iran in the event that international negotiations don't stop the Islamic Republic's nuclear program," according to a U.S. offical, reports Reuters.

The comment, according to Reuters, hints that Washington continues to apply the brakes on any preemptive Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Over the past months it has been made relatively clear by Israel that they are growing increasingly impatient with the "lack of progress towards circumscribing the nuclear program during the negotiations,... Read More

Egyptians reacted with mixed emotions to the life sentence of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarack for his role in the killing of pro-reform demonstators as his two sons were acquitted of corruption in the verdict, reports CNN. This mixed ruling triggered protests and a crowd of approximately 10,000 people assembled at Cairo's Tahrir Square. Protesters also vented similar emotions at the port cities of Alexandria and Suez on the Red Sea.

"When the pro-democracy protests started in January last year, few would have dreamed this would be the punishment handed down to the man... Read More

Angry protesters have stormed the campaign headquarters of Egyptian presidential candidate today only a few hours after it was announced that he would take part in next month's run-off election.

The headquarters of Ahmed Shafiq, the law-and-order candidate, caught fire though the flames were quickly extinquished. No injuries were reported.

The reason for the protests is they are furious that Shafiq who is Mubarak's last prime minister and a symbol of Mubarak's deposed regime has fared so well in the first round of elections.

Crowds are moving toward Tahrir square, now,... Read More

There can’t be many Nobel laureates who served in the Waffen SS. In fact I can only think of one - Günter Grass, author of The Tin Drum, Germany’s best known writer and the self-appointed moral arbiter of his nation and its times. He was, not surprisingly, a tad ashamed of his background, which meant he kept quite about it for decades, all the while throwing around homilies on this on that and on the other, a little like Zeus firing lightening bolts from Olympus.

Now he has written a poem, not about his Nazi past but about the ‘threat’ that a nuclear-armed Israel represents to world... Read More

It’s Easter Sunday, late in the evening. I’m in Paris for the weekend, looking out over the city of lights. It’s been a wonderful few days. I’m not in the habit of writing on vacation, especially when I’m on a romantic interlude in the most romantic city on earth!

I could have held this article over until Monday evening, when I’ll be back in London but, as I say, this is Easter Sunday. There is no better time to draw your attention to the plight of the ancient Christian communities in the Middle East, now in serious danger of extinction.

These are the original Christians,... Read More

I took part in a discussion recently on Blog Catalogue which focused, or began to focus, on the right of Israel to exist as a nation. It was quite illuminating, not because it added anything of substance to my own views on this issue, but because it made me aware of a new trend, a new mode of thought, one that looks like becoming a feature of policy making in the cabinet rooms and chanceries of the West.

I’ll come to this a bit later but first a word or two about the debate in question. In the course of it I mentioned that I once visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the place where all... Read More

My goodness, what is happening with America? Look, see; there is President Obama offering a grovelling apology as a crowd of Muslim fanatics go on the rampage after American troops burned copies of the Koran by mistake. He grovels as Americans die. What other president in history would have sunk so low? See how far a great country has sunk under the guidance of the new Great Helmsman.

Why, oh why, I continually ask myself, did the West ever get involved in wretched palaces like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Why did we not just leave the people in these dreadful countries to get on... Read More

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