Thursday, October 19, 2017

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‘Better’ and ‘much further sanctions’ are how National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) representative Dowlat Nowrouzi imagines to be the main communication tools for dealing with the Iranian mullahs’ fundamentalist regime. As tool for measuring economic and human rights compliance and talking about the this year’s nuclear deal Ms. Nowrouzi told the Parliamentary Assembly’s MediaBox interviewer in Strasbourg:

CAPTION: Dowlat Nowrouzi of NCRI interviewed by MediaBox Strasbourg PACE – VIEW CONVERSATION

‘I am afraid the money [will] be used to finance terror groups in the Middle... Read More

Employee engagement, retention, job performance and low turnover are some of the primary benefits that directly impacts on the company’s productivity. The high cost of staffing, training, firing and replacing employees emphasizes the need on taking a viable decision right from the start.

In order to ensure a probable employee is the right fit and motivated towards the job, a company should check previous work history and conduct research of academic credentials. The job don’t end on selection but appropriate evaluation tools and keeping them updated for future recruitment is... Read More

This week the Iran regime’s foreign minister Javad Zarif publicly went ahead to ‘express [his] condolences’ on the death or so called ‘martyrdom’ of the Hezbollah militia terrorist group commander Mustafa Badreddine. Badreddine was killed in last Friday’s militia assaults against Syrian rebels near Damascus.

Following this, Mr. Zarif has arrived by invitation of the High Negotiations Council (HNC) delegation (Tuesday 17th May 2016) to participate in today’s International Syrian Support Group (#ISSG) peace talks in Austria.

Ahead of the meeting the Syrian Network for Human Rights... Read More

Interviewed in Arabic, alongside an English-language translation, Brig. Gen. al-Batish also confirms the ‘death toll of Bashir al-Assad’s military forces to be around 200,000.’

On the legitimacy of the Brig. al-Batish intelligence he replies ‘we have accurate sources coming from the conflict zones. And we do review and clarify the information. Also with the Iranian resistance (PMOI / MEK).’

Two touch points reflecting the Iranian regime's complicity in the Syrian massacres, the Brigadier says ‘Bashar al-Assad’s regime uses Iranian forces to fuel the war’, and that right now the... Read More

Breaking intelligence gathered as satellite imagery and organizational data exposes the extent to which the Iranian regime props-up the failing Syrian army.

Sources including the Free Syrian Army (FSA) confirm the reliability of the intelligence gathered by the Iranian main opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK).

‘Based on specific reports from within the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) the remaining forces of the Syrian regular army number less than 50,000 across the country.’

On order’s of the Iranian Supreme Leader... Read More

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), in Monday’s publication of its 276 page 2016 annual report says it shows ‘a road map of deterioration.’

Pages 45-49 of the USCIRF report focus on the Iranian clerical regime saying of their judicial system that it ‘continues to use its religious laws to silence reformers.’ And comments on violations of the Iranian people’s internationally-protected inalienable right to exercise Freedom of Expression and Religion or Belief; saying the values are ‘under assault.’

Under the tenure of President Hassan Rouhani,... Read More

On Saturday the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported on the Iranian regime’s ‘state security forces [who] attacked [a gathering of the Bus Worker’s Union] and confiscated banners.’

The event happened on the eve of Sunday May 1, International Workers’ Day, further illustrating that ‘the mullahs’ regime is taking draconian measures to prevent workers in Iran from holding protests.’

Writing to encourage workers to take up the the Right of Freedom of Assembly is political prisoner Abolqasem Fouladvand. Mr. Fouladvand himself was arrested on charges of ‘having links... Read More

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