Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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In Jerusalem an Israeli soldier was arrested Monday on the suspicion that he has leaked information about Israels' military operations in the West Bank to settlers.

No specific charges have been made, it's suspected that the soldier's actions enabled extremist settlers to disrupt the armies operations and carry out “price-tag” attacks.

Israeli military investigators questioned the soldier and upon his refusal to cooperate arrested him. The soldier resides in the West Bank, is a married and a father of two. He serves in the Samaria Brigade's rabbinate as a kashrut supervisor.... Read More

In October 1938 Neville Chamberlain, then British prime minister, returned from signing the Munich Agreement with Hitler, telling the British people, relieved that war had been averted, that he had secured ‘peace with honour’. The ‘honour’ involved the abject betrayal of Czechoslovakia, the high-tide of appeasement. Few were prepared at this moment to speak of uncomfortable truths. One of the few was Winston Churchill, who stood up in the House of Commons a week later, saying;

Our loyal, brave people ... should know the truth. ... they should know that we have sustained a defeat without... Read More

I’ve been writing about the Arab Revolution since the outset in a mood of sustained cynicism. It’s not that I don’t want the people of the Middle East and North Africa to be able to breathe free, to live in a spirit of tolerance and understanding, brought on by a mood of mutual respect, respect for the rights of others; it’s just that I don’t think they are capable of it; they have no mature civic tradition, just a long legacy of intolerance, often murderous in nature.

On my personal blog at the beginning of February I wrote Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt ( Read More

White House correspondent Helen Thomas may have something there with her advice to Israelis:--The Jews of Israel should go back to where they came from. In fact, if we all went back to where we came from the world might be a much simpler and just place, wouldn’t it? Or would it? But wait a second, isn’t that where the Israelis went?

DNA testing has proven Jews in Israel are back in their homeland, a fact that America’s indigenous people might envy….the first time in recorded history that a dispossessed people took back the homeland that was taken from them. More than this, a few Palestinian... Read More

The aid convoys to Gaza, which are largely publicity stunts aimed at embarrassing Israel, illustrates the double standard being practiced, one law for the world and another for Israel.

Every nation reserves the right to stop and inspect cargo for contraband. The US Coast Guard and Navy do it all the time in our war on drugs and terrorism. Ships are stopped and searched and if found carrying illegal goods, can be impounded.

The big difference with the recent Israeli actions is American sailors rarely are met with force or screaming violent crew members. Israel was.

Do you... Read More

The US is trying to get as many nations as possible lined up for even tougher sanctions against Iran in light of that country’s accelerated nuclear enrichment program. But, in the past, such action has been shown to be ineffective when dealing with fanatical regimes, i.e., North Korea and Iraq.

The Arab nations realize this and are now, through the Arab League, pushing for closer relations with Iran, which might be seen as a snub to America. While this is simply the often used Arab practice of going where the power lies, their rather lame excuse is the Obama Administration's failure... Read More

The most patriotic person I have ever met is a woman who comes from Iran.

I recently met an Iranian woman who was held prisoner, tortured mercilessly and brutally by her captors for five years in her home country, but now lives in the United States teaching classes at a community college. She holds community study groups about the Quran and Islam, is kind, generous, and gracious to everyone she meets, and speaks so highly of the United States that it makes me reexamine my own feelings of patriotism.

This woman, I will call her Mary, is a delightful teacher, writer, painter, and... Read More

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