Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Television, the glorifying of criminal behaviour needs to end. We don't need to glorify positions that other suburbs don't have. Yes I mean the King of the Cross, The Boss of the Cross.

Forget this celebrating the criminal element and actions. Police shooting in the streets at out of control teenagers yet the drugs flow like the dust on the footpath.

White ice castles is allegedly the house of the King? Well the ice flows each night, this illegal drug of necessity of evil. We can not state by law substance as illegal and then have a suburb where the shootings happen through... Read More

Just I'll take you on a day in my life, where the G runs ramped in the old coke bottles just a symbol of the cocaine that was once in the mixture. I knew nothing about drugs except for what was on the television told me, moving into Kings Cross was like moving into a world where drugs were the normal part of society as it seems.

Walk down Darlinghurst Road any night of the week you will see the people tripping, from the over abuse and use of a cocktail of drugs. The alcohol seems to be a thing of the past, yet for me a bottle of wine sends me flying. Many of the sex workers that stand... Read More

History, does it repeat? In some way or another does the history of the past recreate itself in a way that reflects a person, a point in time comes again. The soldiers that gathered from Liverpool having a drink at each pub they passed in a three day drinking binge brought the city to a halt and a bloody battle exploded on the streets of Kings Cross.

Kings Cross has lived through a lot of this unnecessary pushing of the boundaries. On the weekend, the motor bikies joined forces was it repeating the history, driving from Liverpool to the city hub of Kings Cross. No drama, no blood... Read More

Drugs are probably the root to many of the unsolved murders and disappearances within Kings Cross. One of those Juanita may be hidden with in this building in Kings Cross where the alleged asking for money that was asked for ranged from $10000, to $2500 a week to $100000.00. Brothels are a legal business where I come from in Sydney Australia, well this brothel is legal. The asking for Protection money to open this business has been endless, some call it extortion others promote it as an advertising cost. In Australia we have had many Royal Commissions pushing for the unveiling of the hidden... Read More

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