Sunday, March 18, 2018

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The naxalites in India who claim to be voice of poor and oppose administrative "oppression" have shown their real colors once again. At least three passengers were killed and over 47 others injured when eight bogies of the 321 Tata-Bilaspur passenger train derailed after the Maoists terrorists blew up railway tracks on Thursday night at around 9:15PM local time, in Jharkhand's West Singhbhum district. The blast comes ahead of a 24-hours statewide strike called by militants to oppose the assembly election in the state.

Three of the bogies, apparently ferrying central armed forces, were... Read More

Ethnic tension has spiraled up in India’s North-Eastern state of Mizoram after a Mizo youth named Zarzokima, aged 18, was murdered by the by militants belonging to the Bru National Army. Since then suspected Mizo groups have burnt down nearly 400 houses belonging to Bru people. Thatch and bamboo is used as the primary roofing material for houses in these tribal areas.

Seven people have been arrested till now on the charges of arson over the past three days.

The Mizoram government on Monday issued a shoot-on-sight order at Bungthuam and neighbouring villages in the state's... Read More

Mae Sot – Thailand. (and). According to different sources the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) in Burma „can confirm that so far 128 political prisoners have been released from 25 different prisons in Burma.“

The 128 people released include 44 members of the National League for Democracy, including 3 MPs; 22 women; 11 former political prisoners; 4 monks; 4 journalists; 13 students; 10 members of the Human Rights Defenders and Promoters Network; 5 members of the 88 Generation Students; and 1 lawyer.

On the evening of September... Read More

By Andreas Klamm

HENAN / China, August 31, 2009. CHCHA President, Pastor “Bike” has issued his 4th OPEN Letter to President Hu Jintao in China according to reports issued by the international aid and relief organization China Aid ( Pastor Bike shared Christ’s love with the President: “The Christians in China were arrested, beaten and killed like lambs by your subordinates but they endure the hardship and love you like Jesus does regardless.” Though he assured the President that Chinese Christians would not avenge themselves, he... Read More

By Andreas Klamm, news correspondent

BEIJING /China. July 3, 2009. Religious liberty is one of those basic rights granted in the United States of America (U.S.A.) and in the Universal Declaration Of The Human Rights. On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence has been signed by the Congress and in the United States of America people can celebrate the liberties and freedoms given to all people with a free will. Shi Weihan (38) , church leader of a Christian church in China has learned that claiming those elementary rights for religious liberty can lead in China into prison.... Read More

Garima P, a software engineer from Pune won Rs.10313291/- jackpot of Smart Lott lotteries, marketed by Scope Marketing (main distributor of Sugal & Damani Group) in Maharashtra. She was felicitated and given the prize money by Mr. C. M. Sharma, Director- Sikkim State Lotteries and Mr. Naresh Mangal, Director – Sugal & Damani Group of Companies.

The 26 yrs old software engineer is planning to give the prize money to her family. Talking about the future plans Garima said that “She plans to study further and buy a house with the prize money”. She was introduced... Read More

Our government is doing a lot for the farmers, no seriously, I'm not kidding, they really are making an effort.You don't believe me right, well for starters they have declared 1 lakh rupees incentives...woopsie, i meant compensation... for the farmers that commit suicide. The incentives... damn! i mean compensation... would be handed over to the family of the deceased. No wonder farmers can't sleep at night, before their headache was to pay off the debt and thanks to Govt, their new add-on is whether their family would kill them in their sleep to collect the bounty. Kudos for our Govt, especially... Read More

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