Sunday, February 25, 2018

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In China, Chen Guangcheng, a man blind since childhood, a self-taught lawyer and human-rights activist has faced a 6 year campaign by government officials that has consisted of harassment, persecution and physical abuse because of his work to investigate and uncover forced abortions and sterilizations by local authorities in Linyi.

Friday, Beijing accused Hillary Clinton of interfering in its affairs after the US Secretary of State expressed her concern's over China's human rights record when she said she was troubled by Bejing's treatment of ethnic and of Chen.

"We oppose... Read More

A recent op-ed in the Times of India, "No More Chasing Shadows" (9 September), has the head of 'a group on C4ISRT (Command, Control, Communications and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaisance and Targeting) in South Asia' casting the net of prospective terrorists wider, but not wide enough to possibly net the likely suspects.

He considers the public stereotype of the terrorist as a 'desperately poor, illiterate, uneducated, rural-based or ghetto-based, religious fanatic, a single young man in his late teens or early twenties' as inadequate. 'Madrassa students from poor families'... Read More

The presidential term of President Pratibha Patil is due to expire in July 2012 and speculation seems to have already commenced in the power circles of New Delhi about her successor. The July 2012 Presidential Elections are crucial for the Congress Party as whoever is elected as President would be overseeing the 2014 General Elections which promise to be hotly contested and with the Congress Party at a disadvantage with Indian public opinion in the manner its Government handled the social activists movements of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev on issues of corruption. The next President is likely... Read More

In September 2007, as our credit bubble was starting its collapse, China’s meteoric rise was the subject of universal admiration. We disagreed with this view, and wrote an essay titled “The Chinese Disaster” outlining the flaws in the Chinese growth model and suggesting a potentially disastrous end to the experiment.

Four years later it is appropriate to revisit both analysis and forecast.

Our first theme in the original essay was the lack of an ethical system underlying China’s current development. After Mao had “burned the books” and destroyed China’s 2500-year old ethical foundation... Read More

By theo

Of all the things that India is famous for, food will most probably be among the top five. It is amazing to see that every major city, in almost every country across the globe, has a buffet of Indian restaurants serving the best of Indian cuisine. Food is one of the major ingredients used in advertisement campaigns to lure tourists to India. And festivities in India are as much about food as they are about ceremonies.

The Advertisement Council of India in a report says that the Food and Beverages industry in India is worth $300 billion. And in terms of production, India is the third... Read More

Indian political leaders appear deficit in their grasp of national security and internal security issues and every now and then suffer from "foot in the mouth disease" when they indulge in politicizing security issues. Amongst Indian Chief Ministers, the Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister distinguishes himself more than any other Chief Minister.

Curiously he indulges in politicizing internal security issues in the Pakistan proxy war affected Kashmir Valley region every time he is cornered by his political opponents. A few days back he publicly declared that the Armed Forces Special... Read More

The Indian Army is all set to procure 145 US made howitzers in a direct government-to-government deal. The howitzers are 155mm light-weight which can be swiftly deployed in forward and inaccessible areas by helicopters and aircraft. The guns are fitted with laser inertial artillery pointing systems and other equipment.

The American Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified the US Congress of the decision made by the U.S. federal government. According to the Times of India, it also asserted that the sale will boost "interoperability" between Indian and American soldiers and... Read More

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