Saturday, January 19, 2019

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New York City / Washington D.C., June 12, 2009. A supremacist opened fire on Wednesday, June 10, at the Washington DC´s Holocaust Memorial Museum and killed a security guard. According to the daily news hour Democracy NOW ! ( ) with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, the man which killed the security guard, James W. von Brunn (88) is known as longtime white supremacist. He also injured another security guard before security guards and police officers of the Metropolitan Police were able to stop the shooting of the man.

The 88 years old man got shot after... Read More

In the past few semesters of teaching I have radically altered my curricular approach -- not only in my writing classes but across the board. Whereas I previously felt as though I was sneaking illicit material into the classroom when I addressed various issues of quantum theory, conceptions of the "self" and or consciousness, now I am quite certain that these are not only useful but perhaps essential elements of a student's ability to access and participate in their own personal education (whether in the classroom or beyond) on a level neither they nor I would have imagined.

What perhaps... Read More

The mere mention of the word immigration fires people up in an already volatile atmosphere. The fact is the media has done more than its part in fueling this fire. Making it appear that illegal and legal immigrants alike have all shown up in the last year when in fact the United States has been dealing with this issue since the early seventeen hundreds. If we consider, we are all descendants of immigrants from one place or another.

The real issue at hand is the impact 10 million new immigrants are having on the United States economy. Some are quick to say, “They... Read More

You know the story of Tyler Frost. He’s the high school senior who attended his girlfriend’s prom and was suspended from his own school because of it. He attends a private Christian school, she attends a different school. The principal of the Christian school told Frost that if he attended the prom he would face suspension for violation of the school’s no dancing policy.

Frost went anyway.

He was then suspended from his school and will not be able to take his final exams on time nor will he be allowed to graduate with the rest of his class.

Based on his demeanor during... Read More

With crime clearly on the rise in the State of Ohio according to a report released by The Ohio Department of Public Safety on crime statistics for 2007. (Statstics, Bureau of Justice). Just how bad is the crime getting in the State of Ohio?

“We have 5,000 people per year or around eleven people per day leaving the City of Cincinnati,” according to former Cincinnati City council member Charlie Winburn in an interview with The Eastern Hills Journal. Which he contributes to the increase in the homicide rate in the city. (reporter) Statistics provided by the OCJS... Read More

Ok, so after all the buzz, the details are finally coming out and so far it's not that exciting. We are recovering from a market in the Bay Area that was so inflated, with home owners realising appreciating values in excess of 15% per year, to a market in which we see values falling at a rate of 2%+ per month over the past 14 months. The message of the stimulus package is a good one but when we are faced with home values that are $200K below the loan amount on the home, there is only so much money to go around. This is probably not the remedy for California homeowners. Thus far, the stimulus... Read More

I recently received a disturbing note from Donna Reynolds at BAD RAP about another dog fighting bust (this one in North Carolina) where the shelter, wants to destroy the victims. For those of you who don’t know, BAD RAP is a great organization that has saved and socialized many pit bulls in this country, as well as helped to educate people about bully breeds.

The Michael Vick case was very public, and the outcome was driven by that publicity. Those dogs were saved, but unfortunately, less high profile cases rarely end the same way. The Humane Society of the United States consistently... Read More

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