Friday, January 18, 2019

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With the new school year fast approaching the debate over home schooling vs. public education heats up. With each new generation come new arguments and ideas of what is best for our children. This is a complicated subject with valid points to be made by both sides of the education aisle.

Home schooling vs. Public schooling, it sounds like two heavyweight boxing champs squaring off for a big fight and that is exactly what it is. In one corner we have years of teaching experience with the public school teachers and faculty, and some of the best resources for our children that money... Read More

It's popular and it's stimulating the auto industry...sort of. But one thing that Congress didn't count on was that it would be depleted so quickly.The plan for the program was to 1) stimulate car sales in this poor economy and 2) rid the roads of vehicles that go through gasoline faster than a Democrat goes through $700 billion. The plan worked in that people were getting rid of old cars but according to one car dealer in the Los Angeles area who spoke on condition of anonymity, "The program's great, the problem we're finding now is people's credit is bad."Well, what that amounts to is that... Read More

Lead found in the water we drink and the air we breathe, resonates with prejudice, I am talking about the prejudice in ourselves. Lead also contributes to the decreased intelligence and health of those with even a small amount of it in their system. Chlorine, used to clean our water, resonates with anger. Would you drink chlorine? It is in the water we drink.

The food we provide for inmates in jail is nothing short of appalling, high in fat, salt, empty carbohydrates, and high in toxic additives, and low in nutrition. The water in jails is full of lead and chlorine, some jails allow... Read More

I do not have a problem with the law enforcement and how procedures are followed especially when it comes to checkpoint sites, but this particular night really made me change my mind just a little bit. One late Saturday night on July 18, 2009, there was a checkpoint site somewhere in South Carolina(between the North Carolina and South Carolina border) and it was directly in front of the store where my friend is currently employed. She did not really pay too much attention to the chaos outside until a young woman came in asking to use the telephone because it was an emergency.

My friend,... Read More

By Andreas Klamm, news correspondent

Washington, D.C. / New York City / U.S.A. July 4, 2009. Throughout the entire nation and countries people with all kinds of different backgrounds will participate the huge massive and in some areas extravaganzas celebrations related to the Independence Day, which is known as Fourth of July.

Even in times of the economic melt down, in times where many people do struggle with daily tasks it seems to be very important for most U.S. and American citizens to remember and to celebrate what happened 233 years ago on July 4, 1776. Fourth... Read More

With the death of Michael Jackson justice has finally been served for the children of the world, deluxe style. The self proclaimed "King of Pop" was nothing more than just another "alleged" pedophile who publically admitted to sleeping in the same bed with someone else's children, and now at long last he's off the street for good. Michael Jackson should have died a painful and humiliating death behind the granite walls of San Quentin instead of the plush surroundings of UCLA.

Read More

On May 30th 9 year old Brisenia Flores’s home was broken into she was shot to death along with her Father, 3 members of a minute-man style border watch group have been charged with the crime including Shawna Forde the former “border director” for the minutemen and representative of anti-immigrant think tank FAIR. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik stated that they planned to rob the family to raise money for their organization and did not want to leave witnesses. They dressed as law enforcement and broke into the family's home and shot Brisenia and her father to death. They even searched... Read More

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